That's out of context!

Post a line from your story that would sound horrible if taken out of context. Also, don't tell us the context!

~Magnus Knights

"For a woman who can shatter a mountain to pieces with a single punch, she can give the most tender kisses." -Graven

"When everyone was nice and sleepy he sat down on the closest chair and massaged his chest." - Mavericks

"Even I didn't know the intricacies of what that old man did in his shack." ~ Fuji.

Both of us are breathing heavily."

~ATL: Stories from the Retrofuture

"You make me sound like some kind of predator." Touch.

"Alright, get out before I start killing." - Gods Are Watching

Tap. Tap. Tap.

Are we allowed to post more than one? I could have a field day with this because I'm a hack.

What if I say 'no'?