The 300

We are not far from reaching 300 listed works I noticed today. Since that is a nice round number, I'd thought we ought to celebrate somehow. And since I am guessing Chris has to manually list them, we could even sort of plan for it. (Something like tomorrow will be 3-day, finish your preparations!!)

I'd at least suggest a round-up article on the evolution the WFG has gone through, some testamonials from authors, editors and readers, maybe some stats and some future plans. Also if I'm not quite mistaken, the WFG is almost one year old, so with a little luck we could tie the celebrations!!

Also, we are now at +/- 547 reviews total, we should definitely reach that other evil number of 666 when we celebrate. (But even 600 would be cool, because then we would have doubled the listings)

(On a sidenote, when we do reach the magic number, we can finally answer people who don't understand reading/publishing online with the following:

*Dark Look*

Scream while bearing our very white teeth: This. Is. W F G!!!

And then kick them in the chest so they DIE DIE DIE)

(Bad Humor Yes. It's Late)

Last note: the first review was written by Sarah Suleski on July the 3d.

What would we do to celebrate? Drink and type? Blog naked?

Hmmm... Blog naked... I would buy that t-shirt... (dibs!)

We could all have a video chat party and then drunkenly write up blog posts about how awesome the WFG is and how it really GETS US, you know?!

Okay, seriously, how does one celebrate this sort of thing? A shared celebration of some sort would be cool, i think. Show solidarity and camaraderie and junk

I unfortunately cannot drink and type, since it's not legal for me. (yet)

I have no idea. Maybe if Openzine had the ability to add more than one page we could put out a little issue with blog posts and interviews from the authors. Along with the round up article and stats, like janoda mentioned.

And some banners, like I was there in the first year, where were you?

And of course we could have some banners, like best review, most helpful (both a member and an editor badge). I believe while boasting and celebrating as a community, that community might grow. (As I have seen that listing list grow and grow, but the forums tend be visited by the same people.

I also believe we definitely should do something with/for the readers who come here, and not be too much author centered.

As for the party. I don't know. A twitterchat thing? Video conferences will certainly use up all my bandwith, since I don't have that many.

party?! yay! and hurray for WFG! love this place (although i tend to go AWOL too often). it just gets us, you know?! lol

have same prob re bandwidth. twitterchat sounds cool, although we'd need to work on the time zones thing.

but have no restrictions re getting drunk or blogging naked. go figure!

@sora how do they catch you typing under the influence? LOL

facebook party? and spam all our non-friends just the way they love doing with us?

i'd post banners and badges etc. sounds good. just not enough time available atm to get involved with organising etc.

The Netcops are there when you least expect them. Sorta like the Spanish Inquisition.

They issues TUIs (Typing Under the Influence).

If your typing is really *really* bad, they can ban you from the Intarw3bz for up to six months! Without LOLcats!

Lol, my typing is already bad enough. And, I wrote an essay after coming back from a party... not a pretty sight.

Maybe we can do all of it. This is a pretty big accomplishment.

eMAYHEM! Wooo!

Where's Andrew WK? 'cause

When it's time to party we will party hard! (... party party party...)

I'd say it's a pretty good idea too.

It might even be worth writing (and sending) a press release to your local paper. You never know what they might cover.

good idea, J. what approximate deadline would we be looking at? can anyone (chris?) fly at a guess?

No idea what the deadline would be. If we wanted to go for a "first anniversary," event that would be July 21. It's easier to peg down than the 300 date.

We're currently at 273 listings. It's anybody's guess when we'll reach 300. From past experience, I'd argue that that will happen sooner than I think it will.

so (stop me any time):

-we need someone to design the badges/banners (to use here, if chris can show us how, and elsewhere)

-someone to tweet

-someone to fb

-someone to coordinate round-up article and various volunteers to sub to their local prints

-someone to visit sites listing WFG and make some noise there

-and everyone to participate, link and post on their own sites

and any ideas on how we can encourage reader participation in the event here on WFG??

perhaps start separate threads for each aspect with updates/ideas etc.

if we use july 21, we have 55 days left (if my calc doesn't lie). i'd say hype should start a week before that.

did i leave anything out?

what say you?

just had an idea!! shoot me if you don't like it...

you know you get those scripts for mouse trails? we get one for footprints. one story runs the script and we all post a clue everywhere pointing to that site. first one there, gets a small something or next clue. next clue comes up and gets posted and the next site runs the script. i would love to have many sites included in this, but i think to be practical, it should maybe only be a handful.

the last clue points back at WFG - perhaps a new 'party page' - on july 21. prize is title of 'fiction adventurer supreme'?? lol. needs to be something for either writer or reader, so featuring a site may not be viable. and we're all non-profit here, so can't offer anything financial unless it's donated. but the fun may be worth it in itself...

any ideas?

I like this roundup, though I have a few questions. What do you mean by fb? Who is gonna blog naked?

About the readers, which are the reviewers that aren't writing anything? There must be a few. I'd definitely celebrate them, because they are the example of what the WFG want. Maybe we could guess their favorite fiction by looking through their reviews, and convince the authors of those to give a signed copy of a t-shirt, a book, a personalised ballad or something a like.

I'd love to do some-kind of train story. Or something that has it's conclusion at the celebration day. A story about books maybe? Written by a bunch of WFG authors?

Edit, because you posted again:

Ooooh Scavenger hunting. I like that. However, it's harder to make than you think.

Anyway, we need some official WFG person to answer, so we know how far we can take this. (Next year, let's actually think of this in time and do a well-prepared carnival instead of all these rushed ideas!)

nothing like pressure to add a bit of manic fun! lol

fb = facebook

i like the idea of a fave author possibly donating something personal to reader/reviewer...

there are sites where you copy+paste code for mouse tails - free of course :P dunno if there's one with footprints specifically but i think we could use something already available...

agreed re official word from WFG... where are the rabbits when u need them? lol

and i think alex signed up for the naked blogger post :D

Naked blogger posts?

Via webcam? Flickr?



i see ace is volunteering for that one too... :D

Allrighty, we are at 294...

I'd still wish we could have a party, or an event or something, but I get the feeling that everybody is willing, but lacking in time to organise something concrete. Myself included.

As for the birthday, we still don't know the actual date, so no idea if we can celebrate that either.

why don't we make the whole month of either july or august a wfg birthday? everyone promotes the hell outta wfg with or without banners or prizes.

i'll volunteer to start some facebook action if others here think it's a good idea.

294 is a respectable number methinks! hoorah and three cheers and a hip hip for all.

I'm fairly sure that the birthday is July 21 (at 21:17). That's the date that Chris sent the editors group the announcement that we were open and a couple people confirmed that they could see the site without a password.