The best title

So, I'm writing a story about a possibly-alien possibly-cryogenically-frozen-and-trapped-underground-for-several-millenia parasitic worm which resides on your lungs and (double whammy) grows to cover most of your internal organs and also slowly constricts to cause internal bleeding, shortness of breath, pneumothorax, atelectasis, alendicitis, and, eventually, simply destroys your body. Now, I was originally going to call it Worm, but it took me around five seconds to remember that that was already a thing. So, here are my options:

1. Year of the Worm

2. From the Ground

3. Constriction

4. Parasite

5. Incompetence (this is a reference to the governments' inability to do anything about both the worm and the media fear mongering surrounding the situation)

Which one do you like best? 'Cause I can't decide on one.

1. Still has similarities with Worm

2. Makes me think of Tremors (this is not a bad thing)

3. Those snake movies

4. Popular manga that is currently being adapted into an anime

5. Doesn't remind me of anything but I would recommend against it

No this probably doesn't help much. Picking a good title is on you. Have fun.

Constriction, Parasite, and Incompetence are all much too vague for my liking. I'm always a little put off by vague titles. It's one thing for a title to have multiple meanings; it's another for it to be generic and uninformative.

The worst offender in recent memory was a network tv show called "The Event." Real memorable and gripping there, guys. Technically, I suppose it did stick in my mind, if only because of how immediately certain I was that I would not be watching it.

Of those I'd go with From the Ground. Though in that vein you could also call it It Grows Within, or The Parasite Within, or something like that.


The Wildbow Effect

From Beneath Them it Devoured

The Enemy Within

Cold Days

The Sleeping Enemy

Here's another batch for your enjoyment and critique:

1. The Thing In Your Lungs

2. Parasite Apocalypse

3. Run From the Worm

4. Fight to Survive

5. Systemic Parasite

What do you think of these?

Also, I've decided on a backstory for the worm: A super long time ago, there was a civilization of human-like organisms on Mars (just bear with me, it's explained). The worm mutated from some other organism, and the people moved underground to get away. This failed, and they all died out, meaning that so did the worms. However, the eggs are able to survive for an unlimited amount of time in a stasis-like state, hatching when the correct conditions are found (namely, a human or similar's lungs). The first Earthian explorers on Mars find the underground colony, which only opens if humans or similar are detected, and they all get the worm. They return to Earth and start an outbreak. So, the titles that have to do with it coming from the ground are out.

Do the parasites alter or control their hosts behavior in some way? Otherwise, it seems odd that there would be a victim specific infection chamber

Oh, Blood from the Stars?

Don't Hold Your Breath

The Young and the Breathless


Baited Breath

I've got it (with special thanks to Psycho Gecko; your "Don't Hold Your Breath" one kinda brought on this idea):

Bated Breath.

With a creepy font, this might actually work.

Also, Unillustrated, two things (although the first one might just be because I'm deliriously tired):

1. I'm not exactly sure what you mean by "Victim-specific infection chamber."

2. They might, I haven't decided yet, but if I continue with the "they basically spread to every organ in the body" idea, they might.

Having reread your previous post, my question no longer makes sense to me. I was picturing something like the chamber from Alien rather than an underground bunker.

Yeah, the Mars city is supposed to be a cross between the Vaults from Fallout and Ember from The City of Ember (one of my favorite books from when I was younger), with a little bit of the ruin that showed up from the disease in Contagion.

whats teh STORY? the worms are a hook, furniture to use, but what is the STORY!? who are the characters and what drives them. Get your title from that, imo.

Well, that's the thing: the worms are the story. Well, sort of. I'm still working on an outline (this thing is MASSIVE), and the idea is that the worms open up all of these adventures for two surviving college drop-outs over the span of one year (and then some). It's like a series of novels, only each plot overlaps a little bit so that it's kinda hard to read them separately.

okay, so you need a title for the overarching group of stories. But they are about the college dropouts, and how they react to the worm. Its a large truism of storytelling, the story needs to be about the CHARACTERS and how they react to the things going on. If they are there just to illuminate the story of the event thats happening, it tends to not be as interesting. Look at worm. Its the story of creatures from outerspace that play with humanity for thier own breeding purposes, right? WRONG. its the story of one person and the people around her as they live in this world. Their growth, challenges, and fears. (and the title has a lot more to do with the people and how things grow, then it does the extraterrestrial creature, imo. )