The Day Job for Creative Professionals

I write a monthly column on business for artists (that's capital-A artists of all disciplines, not little-a visual artists) and this month's was on the Day Job. I thought some of you might find it and the other posts interesting. I store them at Blogspot:

But the big discussions usually happen on the Livejournal mirror, and the Day Job one in particular is here:

Check it out! It contains many cartoon jaguars. Who can resist business material illustrated by cartoon jaguars? >.>


MCA I just found your Day Job Blog.

Actors find the very same phenomenon true.

I am tweet illiterate and can't find a 'follow' for the blog itself. But I thought of another point for you to cover - Art as an escape from reality. For when you just can't find a positive in the day job.


Too true!

I'm preparing May's column, which is on how and what to track as a creative professional. Should be fun. :)