The deed is done, no turning!

It's the usual thing. Been trying to write a novel for years, just never seemed to find the time. To finish it, that is. Now I've decided to take that leap in the dark and see if I can do it like Dickens. Except he, no doubt, had a plan rather than a vague direction.

The story is set in Finland (where I have lived for almost 40 years) during the short but brutal Civil War of 1918.

Well, as I said, it's now out there in cyberspace and I would, I think ;), like an opinion or two. Regarding the development on the Net. I am going to begin adding maps and other data later, should I let my readers interact?

You can find it here:

As another poster has said, this is all a little scary.

Just remember to have fun, and enjoy yourself. It's only writing, no one's gonna get hurt. Look at me, I have no writing experience (or aptitude, apparently), and I'm on my seventh month of producing my web serial. So relax.

Thanks noodles. And by the way, I read Chapter One and I disagree with whoever said you had no writing aptitude.

You're too kind. Anyhoo, I checked out your site, and like it a lot. It's very professional-looking and crisp. I like that you have a decent font size and color (tiny fonts give me headaches; and white text on black doubly so). As for your writing, I can easily imagine this being published. It's that good. You'll do well.

Nah, Dickens totally wrote whatever people wanted. If they liked a character, he wrote a chapter about that character. He had no clue either. :P

To answer your last question, yes! Absolutely let your readers interact. It's the best thing about writing on the web. I live for what little feedback I get. There's nothing like the feeling that you get when you see your readers following your story and offering their thoughts and predictions. And sometimes, they help you catch errors.

It's true! I've often had moments where I wondered if my story had strapped on the skiis and aimed itself for the nearest shark, only to have someone comment and grant me renewed inspiration.

Thank you one and all for your feedback.

Here's another question; Is it beter to have comments on each chapter or set up a section for comments?

I don't want to co-write this story but would like to involve my readers in some way.

Hmm...I don't really know which is better. When I was hammering out my site, I didn't have too many installments so I opted for the "per chapter" model. In retrospect though, it might be nice to have a single comments section to get an actual discussion going.

Hi Sayer,

I think I will set up a single comments section and see how that goes.

Now its time for Sauna :).

Congrats! Keep it up! More online fiction is always a good thing.