The End of the World, or We're Going Out the Way of the Dinosaurs

So, my title is a bit misleading; there's only a 1/49000 chance it will ACTUALLY happen, but has anybody else heard about TV135? Because, in 2034, we might all be dead.

So I've got 20 years to make it as a writer. :D

This seems to happen every decade or so -- news that we'll be hit by an asteroid.

But it makes a great basis for a story!

Poor soul. He's gone deluded ever since planets aligned and threw everything out of alignment just in time for time stop at the end of 2012. Which was handy, as it put an end to that beast with seven heads that's been rampaging around since May 21st, 2011. Darn Biblical end times, hitting while we were still recovering from Y2K destroying civilization.

Think of all the people needing to escape into fiction as the firey end of the world comes closer!

And my work here is done. ??

*calls Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck*