The Grimmery , and a question


So I've just started with my web serial novel, called the Grimmery. It can be found here:

It's very young (only the prologue is up right now), but if people want to come and read it and comment on it, please do.

I also have a question about getting the word out about web novels. I've posted links in my signatures on numerous forums, posted topics, and the like. I'm sure the problem of getting people to read your novel or find your site is one many people face, so I wonder if anyone here has any remedies to these problems. What is the best way to get readers and to publicise your web novel?

For promoting your story, you should check out the ideas in this post on the site:, and a number of other topics in their forums. That site is oriented towards the authors of weblit (or web fic, web novels, whatever you wanna call it), so it has a bunch of resources that might help you out.

What's your experience with promotional activities, Capriox (or anyone, really)? Does any of that stuff have a measurable effect upon readership? If so, what has the largest impact? I've tried a few things, but they don't seem to do much but increase the amount of spam.

I haven't had any direct experience yet, myself. From what I've seen of others' attempts, the best results are from word-of-mouth recommendations like having a positive review featured on the home page of WFG or having a more prominent/influential web person (i.e. popular weblit author or web comic creator) mention you on their site. Advertising on popular web comics through something like Project Wonderful comes in at a distant second.

Other places this topic has been discussed already: forum,, and .

Most of my readers started out as fellow writers. I followed a link to Gavin Williams's stories on Tales of Mu and we started a conversation and reading each others' work. He was kind enough to pimp me to his fans and some of them came over and stayed.

Others came from sites like this and from PW ads.

Right now, I have a small, but loyal fan base. And I pick up new readers every now and then.

Keep your eyes open for opportunities - when efictionbookclub first started doing reviews they were soliciting for volunteers, so I sent in my link. I think I was the second novel-length work they reviewed. That brought me some readers as well.

A lot of it appears to be word of mouth. Participating on these boards is also a great start.