The headaches of April First

So today I saw a new review on the site for Worm, and the first thing I thought is "an April Fool's joke!"

Then I read it and my heart sank, because it was a really really good review, and because I thought it was going to be an April Fool's joke all I could think of was "damn it, why can't this be a real review?"

And then by the end of the review I was confused, because I didn't see the joke. So then I thought "OK, maybe it's not an April Fool's joke. Maybe this is a bona fide gushing review."

So I reread the review.

Then I thought "it seems like a bona fide gushing review, but maybe THAT means that my reading comprehension is shot to hell by this sinus infection and I can no longer recognize jokes."

So I reread the review.

By the end of the third reading I was convinced that it was a legit review that had the misfortune of being posted April 1, thereby convincing me that it *wasn't* a legit review. But now I know it is, but the process has left me very tired.

Damn you April Fool's Day.

No joke, Worm gets reviews like this all the time, and well deserved :-)

I don't know if we've ever got a joke review....

And by being a legit review that made you think it was a joke review by the date, it effectively tricked you, indirectly fulfilling its purpose.

@ Fiona: thank you.

And yeah, can confirm it's legit. Was a commenter on the most recent page of my story that I pointed towards WFG. I try to do such when people seem that enthusiastic; most of the time I don't get a response when I offhandedly mention WFG, and I don't like to nag.

I can confirm it is, in fact, a legit review as I was the one who wrote it, if in a sleepy-as-heck mindset at the time, so please excuse poor formatting, typos, and a tendancy to ramble- Well, the last is more my loquacious garrulousness more than anything else! (And I know that's a redundancy, but when you're referring to the levels of rambling tat I get to when I'm not trying to rein it in every step of the way...) But, I digress.

I hadn't even realized it was April first when I was writing the review, in all honesty. I was at the end of my sleep schedule (and then ended up pushing it to try and fix it >.o) that loops around over midnight, and my ability to tell what day it is without a calendar is nonexistant at the best of times.

So, in short, I was sleepy and didn't know what day it was, but it is definitely a legit review. i'd be more than willing to repost it on a non-April 1st date so it is't seen for a joke review, if you want.

Well I got there eventually. It's just that on April First I'm primed to take everything with a grain of "oh no you have got to be kidding me" so the fact that it was a legit review threw me for a loop. :-)

Ha. i understand that. By the by, what was your opinion of my review? A review review, if you will. :P

Well, I liked it, but I'm biased.

I liked it too, which is why I was distressed when I thought it was an April Fool's joke.

Wildbow I think you're allowed to be biased about your own work. :)