The Importance of Music in Writing

Hey everyone. So I'm planning on writing an article soon on the importance of music in terms of writing fiction. As a musician myself, I feel it's a subject very close to my own heart.

However, I'd like to hear from you all on the subject. I know that everyone has differing musical tastes, which is great. Variety is after all the spice of life.

What I'd like to know is just how you feel about music in terms of your writing. How has it inspired you? Just how big a part has it played in the creation process, from development to finished product? What genres do you prefer? What particular groups? In what ways has an inspiring song influenced your writing, from the shortest scene to the overall message? If you could name *one* song that has influenced you the most, what is it, and how has its influence manifested?

Let me know.


You'll want to look at City of Roses which has a song for every chapter. Hopefully Kip Manley will post here!

Music doesn't influence my writing much, even though I play a couple of instruments and make music (well, I like my own songs, anyways). The music "space" and the writing "space" feel wholly separate to me, even though writing is involved in making music, but it's not writing as with a plot and extended dialog.

I don't have one particular song that's influenced me; hundreds have influenced me; favorites change on a monthly basis.

I'm with Rhapsody here. I find it very difficult to write with music on, I find that as a musician I get sucked into the music and forget where I am!

I listen to music while writing to enhance my writing speed as they catalyze my writing mind.

I can't listen to music with lyrics and write at the same time, I get side-tracked too easily. =P

Now when I write, I tend to listen to stuff like Immediate Music, Globus, and E.S. Posthumus. They're pretty much "Epic-Movie Soundtrack" music. If you look on youtube you can find some great examples.

I could probably write an essay on tracks that have influenced me. Whole scenes? Whole characters and story arcs have developed from listening to something inspiring.

Most of said tracks would be rather obscure, however. U2 just puts images in my head of mysterious whales and drunken Gibraltans trying to break into shops at 3am in search of their lost wallets.

Music helps to create a 'writing mood' for me although it is not always obvious at the time how much I associate a certain track with a scene or character. A few examples:

RoYds - Volume One of Refuge of Delayed Souls - the acoustic version of Lullaby, The Cure.

I tend to use music as something to have in the background while I write or edit. I wrote one episode of the serial with the Transformers movie score (the first one) on repeat. Another project had Weird Al's "Running With Scissors" as background music.

As for influence on the finished work? None on the work. It does influence my mood while writing.

I also listen to music while trying to write. Sure, I get distracted sometimes, but it seems like it's less with it than without. However, putting it on the site while trying to read does two things. One: It makes it a pain for some to access the site as it bloats the size of the page. Two: It might be the greatest music ever composed, (Well, to you anyway.) but stick it to endlessly repeat with no option to turn it off and you might drive away readers, or just annoy the living daylights outta them. (And if they really want to listen to something while reading, I'm sure they'll play their own.) Oh, and if you're using music that you created yourself, great, but don't try using anything outside of the public domain as all it takes is one RIAA jerk to file a lawsuit.