The Last Skull - Webpage and Editor Review?

I've given The Last Skull an organizational face-lift (visibly not different, but the table of contents reads a *lot* more clearly now, and I hope that things are a bit more clear--you have to click twice to get to whatever issue you want to read, but I'm hoping that's offset by the fact that things are now separated and have their own spaces). I've added a cast page (admittedly, with only one submission--as an aside, my wife, responsible for the art, is available for commissions here! We are in Canada, working and desperately scrambling for more cash), an 'extras' page (for the Mulligan short, 12 Seconds, as well as anything else that eventually makes its way there), and removed the News page (I don't think anyone was paying attention to it anyway). Any sort of feedback toward the structuring would be helpful--whether or not things were hard to find, ways to make them easier, whether I should reduce the size of the description for each 'book', etc.

In addition, I wanted to ask about an editor review--I hope that I'm not crossing a line with that request, but it's largely because I haven't had an image for my website here for over 3 months, so just an editor popping in and going "yeah, so the story is apparently not just a link toward pokemon porn, *SCREENSHOT*" would be immensely appreciated (a more thorough review would *also* be appreciated, but I understand if things are just too busy).

Er, and reviews in *general* are also immensely appreciated. Thanks for reading!

Hi Robert,

Usually the reason for no screenshot is if we can't get one, due to some weird HTML stuff -- or if the page uses images of real actors or the like. Your current layout looks fine, so I'll ask Linda to take another shot at it.