The New Listings Page

So in general I'm down with most of the redesign, and I'm looking around -- I like the new Listings page tag organization style, how the more you click, the more the system narrows down your choice.

But the listings themselves are kind of bothering me: it looks like it's showing the first two or three lines of text from the review page, and I think the tag/motto lines might be better to show -- as the organization seems random. Some listings are showing just the first line, others two or three, and often truncated sentences.

Set taglines/catchphrases (I don't know what people call them) are like Winter Rain's "Violence, revenge, and other family values: a story about life at the bottom of the pack" and that's by the author.

So either the listings need to be showing something like that (instead of truncated sentences) or the star values for the stories -- because if I have to pick a new story to read, all I have to choose from is the screen shot, the title and a truncated sentence right now. Not very helpful.

At least a set-limit one-to-two sentence phrase would be fair to everyone, and informative.

Hi Gavin,

Listings always show an excerpt of the listing description on the home and index pages. Some slots (the featured listings, for instance) are limited in space, due to the design, and so can get truncated very quickly if they have a long title and/or a long author name.

I'll consider showing the tagline on the featured listings, at least, but as not all stories have a tagline, I'm not sure that's an improvement. Also, due to the space restrictions, it won't help stories with long titles or long author names. :-(


Ah, sorry -- I didn't realize at first that I was looking at the Features section.

Scrolling down, you get more of the full listing, which is good. However, because you get so much of the full listing on that part, I would suggest changing the features section so that it provides different information, so it's more helpful and less repetitive as a feature.

One way is to include tag lines -- and to let authors know that tag lines are an option. I remember I didn't have one, until I noticed a few stories with them and asked about it. Other authors might appreciate the opportunity and just didn't know to ask.

Another possibility is to include the average star rating for the features, because that would be a) different from the text based nature of the rest of the listings, as it's visual, and b) better than truncated sentences. I think the truncation looks a little unappealing and a tad unprofessional, especially when the rest of the site is so amazingly improved.

Either that, or just do the title and the author, for features -- the full listings provide the rest, and it would look just as clean.

I'm just brainstorming, I'm sure there's other possibilities.

I pulled the excerpt from the featured listings -- they're now just title and author. Will consider other options at some point in the future.

Thanks Chris -- I think even that minor change is a lot cleaner. :)