The purpose of character tagging

So, many serials tag the characters appearing in a given chapter. What's the purpose of this? Do some people like going back and reading only chapters with their favorite character, or is it an aid for people who want to find a specific chapter ("it was the one where Brian and Sondra fight the Deathworm and then Jazmine shows up ... oh, all three are tagged in this")?

I always felt it was to give Versus Boards wishing to discuss Worm character battles an easy way to find feats to compare.

And then everyone else just followed suit because Worm did it.


I do it so people can track down chapters featuring particular characters. I also have one particular chapter where the tags are used entirely differently, which no one appears to have picked up on (so far).

I just use the tags for snarky comments... I guess I'm not getting much SEO from it either, am I...

I really should get back and do those before im to deep in the story. I kind of see it as a way to remember who is in what chapters and when they first appear. Also if you have to double check say when Susan met Elle it helps to be able to just search like that. Either that or maybe work on a really accurate wiki idk.

Sometimes it can used for fun Easter Eggs.

I remember them from before Worm. I find it useful when a character shows up that hasn't been in in a while, to see where they were last mentioned.