The Readers' Thread: What is your current favourite web serial?

I'll start it off.

My current favourite is "The Only City Left'. It has humour and adventure and wonder and horror. The narrator is a young boy with a tone that is at once sardonic and naive, which I get a kick out of. He's just trying to survive in an immense post-apocalyptic ruined city with ghosts and monsters and talking cats. It's a lot of fun! "The Only City Left" updates regularly every Sunday morning.

Fiona just broke my heart. And hopefully gave me something good to read.

My personal favourite is "Worm" -- it's the only story in the world right now that makes me feel the unabashed joy I knew as a child when a new episode of a favourite TV show or the next part in a movie series came out. "New episode of GI Joe? AWESOME!" "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade? AWESOME!" "Worm updates today? AWESOME!"

In second is "Legion of Nothing" because Jim just keeps going and going and going -- there seems to be no limit to his ideas, but our style is similar in tone so it's like the admiration for an equal who didn't get bogged down by life.

Currently, it's hard to say. I read Worm, but also enjoy Curveball quite a lot. Plus, when it appears, I enjoy "The Surprising Life and Death of Diggory Franklin."

Of these, Worm appears the most consistently, and most often, so it's upmost in my mind, but it's hardly fair not to mention other serials that I also enjoy.

I'd say Legion of Nothing stands out for me. I don't know that I would have started Worm if it weren't for the fact that I was aiming to fill what I felt was a void in superhero fiction, and I quite enjoyed reading LoN for a time.

I haven't caught up since really getting underway with my writing (haven't had a lot of time for reading in general, in fact). I've been reading NMAI, but it's a deeper work that I find is harder to just pick up & read, so I read it in fits & starts. I can't make a serious call, as I've fallen so behind in reading.

I still hope to review LoN and NMAI, when I find the time to get caught up and take it all in.

Given the choice between you writing more Worm or reviewing NMAI, I'd say write more Worm and make NMAI's writer wait.

I like how we've got this mutual appreciation going on, it's fun.

current favorite is still Require:Cookie, but worm is damn close.

Hmmm...hard to say. I do definitely have 'old' favorites (like Starwalker, Mirrorfall, and Wonder City Stories), and due to all the reviewing I've been doing I now have some new ones that I wait with bated breath to see the new updates - like Three of Swords and Hiraeth. Sometimes it's nice to be an editor. : )


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