The recent flame war

Hi everyone,

So, in reference to the conflict I've noted in a few recent threads... I know some of you don't like each other. I know there's history, and that there is some lingering animosity toward @TanaNari because of it (and, I expect, vice versa). However, the giant clusterfuck it turned into is down to no one person, and it has to stop. Please.

For the record, the review thread discussion between @gloomybear86 and @TanaNari really did not need any comments from people not involved. It was people inserting themselves into that discussion that really turned things sour (@Tartra, @Tempest, and others later). To my reading, @gloomybear86 did not need any defending. @TanaNari's comments were perhaps a little abrasive, but were well within the expectations for conduct here. And in particular, they were not addressed to any of you.

As for those of you who felt the need to turn this into a very personal flame war, consider yourselves on notice, too. @Tartra, in particular: calling someone a "dickhole" is not acceptable behaviour here. Period. Don't do it again.