The Review of Arcadia Snips by Sarratum

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm immensely happy when my story receives *any* attention, especially to the tune of four out of five stars--so I'm certainly not complaining. But I *have* to ask:

You didn't realize that the claim to absolute historical accuracy (including the claim that the book was more a history lecture than a fictitious narrative) was a /joke/?

(Also, the flight of the dirigible at the beginning of the story--sailing on the winds like a ship--is actually based on a real event and invention--Solomon Andrews, the inventor of the first airship dirigible -- -- in Snips' universe, people designed powered airships before they designed unpowered ones)

(Anyway, absolutely no hard feelings--I just had to ask, because when I first read your review, I thought *you* were joking--either way, thank you for the review!)


I had NO idea it was a joke. LOL

Well, that sheds some light on a few things. As for the airship, I was more referring to the fact that it was a flying pig in the middle of the city. But I thought that was horrendously funny and well done!

Edit -- well, I thought maybe it -was- a joke until one of the reviewers thought math geeks and historical buffs could become obsessed with it, and then I thought perhaps it wasn't.

Eroo? Review disappeared?