The Seekers, a web serial.

Hi all, just started posting my sci-fi story up on my blog @

Hope you like it, would appreciate comments and readers!!!!

I'm not sure how to go about advertising or anything, I am just joining forums and posting, hoping it'll take off.

Thoughts about the site...

It's a bit too busy, with links to all sorts of other things. At first I wasn't sure if these were all related to the story or not. The text is readable, but the color scheme doesn't serve to really amplify the story or set it off at all. The title bar reads "Prologue, Part 1 | Skip the Budgie" which tells me the name of the site, not the name of the story.

Thoughts on the story...

Profanity is a turn-off.

The pace is quick, so that helps keep reader interest up.

The characters are pretty stock.

The technology is faintly interesting, but there's just too much of it, too fast for the reader to really get a good handle on what's going on.

I get the feeling that you're going for hard SF, which works. It's just not a genre I really enjoy, so what are minuses to me are probably acceptable or plusses to those into the genre.

Thanks for the feedback, as far as the links go -it should be fairly obvious that the story is just a part of my main web site, although I have been considering the theme a bit more and the way I should be presenting the writing.

The 'title' really? that's an issue for you? The content of the page should speak for itself! I hope it's not distracting is that what you mean?

- As far as profanity goes - I think it works and is sometimes necessary according to the characters (Irvin Welsh is much worse!)

- Thanks for the comment on pacing - it is supposed to be a quick action scene and I'm glad you think it works.

- What to you mean 'stock'? This is the first chapter, so there isn't much development yet.

- I'm not really sure about the relevance of 'too much' - unless you think the descriptions get in the way of the action? Again, this is a snapshot designed to pique interest and raise questions not answer them - hence 'prologue' - all will be revealed in time!

I must confess I don't know what 'hard sci fi' is I'm afraid, but this is a story set in the present, but in a word where technology went the wrong way.