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Hi everyone!

I'm a part of the team at which is a new website for web novels and web fictions.

Readers can rate, review, comment and keep track of their favorite novels among other things on the website and writers can similarly host and manage their own novels. If you're a new writer, you can also let your readers suggest edits to your novel.

If you have a good novel, we don't believe that you should pay us to promote it. In fact, if anything, we should be the ones paying you (and we will). Our recommendation system, which learns and grows everyday, will also make sure you get suitable readers and make sure it isn't hidden away on page 200 of a recent novels list after it is completed.

We've tried our best to make sure the website is easy to use, approachable, and light. We hope you like it and I appreciate any and all feedback you can give us.


If you think anyone who writes online will honestly believe you'll pay them for writing, then you clearly don't know your audience. Am I right, Wildbow?


I mean, am I right, Jim?


Ok, third time's a charm. Am I right, Billy Higgins?

Ah, screw it.

What we have in mind is for starters, is ad revenue. So you're right. Trust is a big issue here. Middle men suck.

More importantly, we haven't put up any ads right now and when we will, the accounting will be managed by the ad networks themselves. Whether or not you choose to trust the ad network, on the other hand, is a totally different issue.

Hello ragnar.

So is TheNovelPage looking only for 'Light Novels' as described at your About Us page?

I'm confused. My web novel is on my website and 3 posting sites. What can the OP site do for me that is not already being done?

Well, one thing e could do is seek permission before posting an ad in these forums. Ah well.