Theoretically speaking...

Okay, so from a theoretical standpoint (which may or may not be put into practice, probably not, but ya' know, anything's possible), if someone were to do 2,000 words per day, five days per week, would that be too much? Because, while it would be a lot of reading for the readers in a short span of time, there are plenty of examples of serials growing to be over 1,000,000 words in length after a few years.

The number of authors who can maintain that pace is pretty low but there are a few that do it. However, most of them release in larger chunks once or twice a week. Not sure which method is superior (I imagine it depends on the story) but I don't see it as being too much.

Depends. If you have the time and energy to put in and sustain the effort then it may not be too much.

It would also need to be quality. No one wants to slog through thousands of words a day if it crap.

There's not really gonna be a right answer to that. It depends on how much time and energy you have, not to mention the needs of your story itself.

I've been doing about 4,000-5,000 words three times a week. I've done longer chapters previously, and honestly, these feel kinda short to me, but I'm coming up against a barrier of the amount of time I have to work. You just have to find your own groove.

I think that there'll always be readers who can keep up with that level of engagement, but it is sort of demanding. A lot of times with small, serial pieces of media like webcomics I let myself "fall behind" so I can "catch up" later, because I don't have as much patience to follow little snippets all the time. Larger pieces of media at a slower pace are easier for me -- they feel like less of a commitment, even if they might well be more of one.

But that's just me though. Like I said there's probably readers who would appreciate it. Whether or not there's a whole lot of them to make that effort pay off, I don't know.

If you are able to produce those 2.000 words a day, then ask to yourself which is the cost of opportunity for your audience to read them. Though some people can read faster, the average mark is at 200-300 words per minute, so your readers will have to invest 7 to 10 minutes a day in your story to keep up with it.

Maybe you can find people who are willing to spend 10 minutes every day on your writing, but in exchange (you hear this word) of their time they will demand outstanding and entertaining storytelling. You can do it, eventually. In the end you can do it so well you may even turn the tide so people is not only willing to invest time but also money on your writing.

Building up an audience is a process, but that is just my opinion anyway.


I don't think it's necessarily "too much," but you have to be able to hit a pretty high mark for consistency and quality. This is essentially what Wildbow does, and I'm constantly gobsmacked by it. I can't do it, at least not yet. Maybe someday.

I think it's far too ambitious for anyone who's not a proven fast writer and you'll be facing burnout before long. Pace yourself. Increase updates as your writing speed increases, sure, but I think "daily 2k updates" is a tall order for anyone who's not, as ubersoft mentioned, Wildbow.

if you can put that out, I would suggest putting out half that, waiting a day, and editing. Polish is never bad!

Well, my idea was get half done with the writing before I start posting, and editing each chapter as it goes up. Then it will be polished, plus I won't have to have a ridiculous output from the start.