Thinking of hiatus

I just started my webnovel about 5 weeks ago and, on receiving my first review, I've realized that I'm not happy with it and want to take it down to edit. It's not that I got the review and all of a sudden became unhappy with it. No, I wanted to do this before that. However, I have a question. Does anyone else ever do that? Is it just me with false starts or do other webnovelists have that issue as well, putting up work far too early then taking it down to edit?

I don't think it's a good idea to take it down.

I would just make an announcement that you're editing, rewriting or whatever you plan on doing. How major are the changes you want to make?

I think that comes down to a few things: 1) how strongly do you feel the need to rewrite; 2) will you be fixing the words, or completely changing the story; 3) how many readers will you be abandoning; 4) will what you come up with be better, or just different?

For my own part, I used to spend a lot of time writing and rewriting stuff -- so much so that I never finished anything longer than a short story or a chapter of a novel. Looking back, though, the rewrites never improved anything -- they just made something else. The truth is that skill takes time and practice to develop, and it is just as likely that by the time you develop a lot more skill, you won't want to tell the same story, so restarting may prove a zero-sum game.

Now, your mileage may vary, but with Winter Rain, I have a strict rule of not editing once the text is posted -- specifically because I'm trying to break myself of "bad habits". The second I make an installment public, it's history, and if I realize something didn't work, I live with it and strive to do better next time. Does that mean the story is the best I can make it? Well, it's probably within a very small percentage as good as I can make it *now*. When I'm done, I'll go back and see if I can do anything with the whole thing -- by that time, I'll have a few years' worth of writing practice to draw on, and maybe I'll actually be able to make it better, and not just different.

So, ask yourself those questions. You mentioned a review got you thinking this -- did the review make you see a way to make things better, or did it just make you dissatisfied with what you have? Because maybe the former can be useful to you (remember -- you probably don't have much more skill this week than you did last week) -- but the latter is almost definitely not going to result in a hugely better version of your story. It might just result in no story at all.



It wasn't my intention to stop you dead in your tracks :-( Apart from anything else, I'm subscribed and looking forward to updates!

Honestly, if I were you, I'd consider slowing the posting to every second day, and take the days in between to tighten up a piece that you haven't looked at for a couple of weeks. That gives you a chance to get some distance from it, then reread and edit. And that way, your content is always improving.

Thanks for the advice. nomesque, it's not your fault. I do tend to be hard on myself, and was feeling somewhat the same way. Janoda, it's really just sentence and language structure. I tend to get a bit verbose in my writing. I'm the type of guy who reads Tolkien for the language. Chris, thanks for all the advice. I am going to keep it up, since taking break would probably derail the story completely.

Also, I am going to take it down to my original plan of MWF. That would give me time to hone it, edit, and also work on the other stories I want.

i went through similar angst, gryphon. each moment i spent editing, i wasn't writing and getting on with the story. i am still dissatisfied with my opening scenes, but decided to quit editing until my perspective 'feels right'. i forgive myself for its magnificent imperfection and for reaching chapter 28 and still not being brave enough to rewrite... at least my story is spewing forth :)

maybe thinking of your story as a love affair rather than a child will help in the interim?