Thinking of Making a Web Serial

I'm going to make a sci-fi web serial. Any advice? What website should I use? How much should I write before I publish my first chapter? Anything else I should know? I really want to hear your guy's advice.

I recommend 12-16 chapters written in advance. It depends on your update rate. Use the time to figure out how fast and how comfortably you write, and adjust plans accordingly.

I find is fair, easy to use, and versatile, but they've had a habit lately of rolling out 'updates' that sabotage the user, and it feels like they're doing it to push serious users toward the professional, self-hosted option. I'm as interested as you are to hear what others might recommend, as I may abandon ship at a later point in the future.

Ah holy shit wildbow. Sorry, big fan ^-^.

Do I need to be able to code to use wordpress? I'm terrible with technology :(.

As far as hosting, Wordpress is a pretty solid standard, either be it through the free version or the self-hosted.

I use Squarepsace for mine, which has some pros and cons comparatively. It costs way more (around $200 per year) and is limited in terms of being able to add in non-standard stuff. That said, it is crazy stable, never goes down, and is very easy to use even if you know very little about coding or tech. It's not a good fit for everyone, but it has it's merits and sometime scan be a solid choice.

I use Drupal. I think I'm the only one in Webfiction who does at this point. :-/

It's really good if you have multiple types of content on the same site, and you want to keep them separate but you still want to make them all accessible. It's also really difficult to get the level of skill needed to get to the point where it can do that, so I'm not really sure I can recommend it offhand. Most people don't WANT to have to dig that deep into it. (I don't really want to, either, but I'm kind of compelled to). Drupal 8 might be a lot easier to manage based on what I've heard, but it's not out yet.

Personally I use Weebly, but it has far less support for web serials. Although, I do particularly like it for ease of use.

Get posts ready ahead of time. I wrote three months of content ahead of time, which I then give a quick final edit just before they go live. Currently I am only able to keep at 2 months ahead due to crazy work hours, but the peace of mind that I will meet my deadline is priceless.

I'm pretty new to the scene myself, and I need to get back to reading serials so I can contribute reviews.

Stay away from Blogger. It's the one I use. Funny crap happens to your text.

For sheeer simplicity I'd recommend Wattpad. It doesn't get easier than that.

Funny stuff happens to text in nearly everything, especially if you are copy pasting from a different thing, eg, Word, Gdocs.

Most of the sites available have their flaws, so it boils down to personal preference.

I chose wordpress. Its simple, you don't need any skills at all to make it work, although without those skill you are locked to themes that you can find.

@Sten , I hate the community on wattpad. They're so mean and immature. Thanks though. I think I'm going to go with wordpress and hope I can remember some of the html I learned last year.

Another hosting option is Royal Road Legend. I'm currently cross-posting From Winter's Ashes between Wordpress and there.

I don't have much else to say other than what others have mentioned, but good luck with your web serial! It's a tough undertaking but ultimately worth it.

Royal Road is an option. It comes with a built in audience. But most of the stories are very specifically genre. Vr, Reincarnation, wuxia. Lots of overpowered characters, and very juvenile writing.

Anything that is slow or serious tends to get heavily crited. And not in the good ways. If it doesn't tick the boxes, there is a fair chance it will be lost in the mass of updating fics.