This affects us all in the end.

Just thought I should bring this particular matter to everyone attention. We all WORK at our writing, and there is a man out there just indiscriminately stealing our work! (Not mine in particular, but over 60 other authors!)

His name is David Boyer. Brian Keene and several others have started writing letters Amazon and to Tom Irons (Indiana Attorney General) to try and get this resolved. Please, please take a few minutes to check out the following links. and then maybe a few minutes more to wrote your own letters. Be sure to include file # 10-CP-62157

Forgot to post Boyers alias list. this isn't all of them but...

(credit for time and effort putting this list together goes to Ferrel Rick Moore )

George LaCroix

Leland Gaines

Grant Dean

Joe Hammond

David Byron Boyer

Dylan Cook

Brian Byron

Christian Loche

Dan Bryan

Daniel Byran

Dave Boyer

David Brooks

David Byron

Doc Blood

Doc Byron

Doc Creeper

Iron Dave

Jack Burnett

Jack Sawyer

Kelli Kelso

Leo Wolfe

Tobey King