This is my O_O Face

The kickstarter's ending tomorrow. At over $5K. o_o

It's amazing how the psychological effect changes the more money gets thrown at you. I am a lot more nervous than I was when it was half that amount. Over a serial that people have been already giving me money for. For almost two years!

Anyway. I can't recommend Kickstarter enough. It sounds hyperbolic, but it's revolutionized my revenue model as an artist/writer.


The problem with Kickstarter, to me, is that it appears to be a lot of work in and of itself, and not likely worth it until you have already built a following. Still, I'm keeping an eye on it for future projects.


It is a lot of work, if it succeeds... the key is not to embark on it unless you're sure it's going to succeed, and that if you make your goal your goal money will cover your costs (time and material) as well as give you something to live on. That's the part it's easy to lose track of, I think.

Hrm, I never thought of using Kickstarter as a tool for helping to develop a writing project before I found this forum. I know a couple of people who financed movies there though.

I agree it takes a following and some track record to get a successful Kickstarter launch, but that just figures. People want to have some assurance their hard-earned money will go to a successful cause and not flame out.

Still, I don't know that I'd use it. I have two novels in the can that I believe just need some professional criticism to make them saleable to a wide commercial audience. To me, blog fiction is a way of proving my chops, earning an audience the hard way to show prospective agents and editors that my writing is good enough to make the grade. It also helps that a regular blog-fic following will likely buy my novels and tell their friends.

The trick is writing something good enough to get that following I guess. :)

Congrats! That's an awesome result. Good for you. :)

I've considered something like Kickstarter for some of my projects, but sadly it's not available to me because I'm outside the US. And you're right, definitely worth making sure you've got a good following before embarking on something like that.

People are awesome. I love that art can get funding this way. :) Good luck with the project!

@Kess: What about IndieGoGo?

@M.C.A. Hogarth: Congratulations! That's over 20 times what I raised with my IndieGoGo campaign. (Though I'm still happy because I raised everything I needed - hope I can do it again in a couple of months).


I wrote up my observations on what worked in the last campaign here, for those who want the info.

So, to sum: someone who already had a track record of success, already had a following, and already had people paying for content, succeeds even more than he/she previously succeeded.

No hate or anything, but it's hard to relate.

I didn't start out with a following? At all. Rather the opposite... the audience I have I built over ten years--a little more than that, actually--and I'm not someone with broadly distributed books, that I got that audience from mainstream publication. I did it online, little by little. And I am nowhere near as successful as some of the webfiction authors around here. :)