This tumblr is a lifesaver

I can't tell you how many times I got all down in the dumps because of writing process stuff. This tumblr always makes me feel better. ALWAYS. I have no idea who's behind it, but they're doing the writing community a huge service by normalizing the insanity that goes along with writing and publishing!

I'm curious if you have any specific tags you follow on tumblr too? I see far more illustration/art related posts...

My tumblr is just me being a fan of silly things like Doctor Who, Starkid, fashion, and science. Title2come is my first literary-related tumblr I follow. Do you have an tumblr recommendations? I have to say I find a well of inspiration every time I open my dashboard. :)

Hm. As an artist, I find plenty of other artists to follow or use the tag system to keep up with fandoms (or fandom warring as it happens to be for a lot of things I enjoy).

While I've been tracking #weblit , #webfiction #serials, admittedly nothing ever shows up exception when Webfiction World posts links to podcasts or readings.

#lightnovels: Yields mostly discussion on "Sword Art Online" which itself was a serial online in Japan before it became a light novel and anime and then ate the brains of anime fandom.

#prose : Highly popular tag for posting drabbles and short 300=500 word essays. I may use this from time to time, but it's scattershot.

#flashfiction: Decent activity, but hard for me to grasp a feeling for the people who write under this tag. I often need more of a sample to decide whether to read more from that person or follow them.

I wonder if there are other tags I ought to be looking at, but then Tumblr starts to drive me crazy after a while because the artists often spam my feed with lots of reblogs and such x(

A couple writing blogs I follow:

None of them are web fiction specific, but Yeah Write does have an ezine.

Well I'm not getting any work done today apparently.