Starting to see some regular referral from, but it's marked as a private blog?

Whose is this one? :)

(My first thought is "Pact sequel?") >_>

Maybe it's you... from the fuuuUuUuuUUuture!

But if it's private, it might just be a personal blog of someone's.

> But if it's private, it might just be a personal blog of someone's.

Not with 'Serial' at the end of it, I'd think! :)

Could be a serial that hasn't officially launched and become public yet.

Haha, my first thought was the 80's miniseries. I think you're a better guesser...

Thorn birds mini series. Sure brings back memories ;)

I've been getting hits from it too, usually just one on update days. I figured it was a future serial still in the setting-up process. The nice thing is if we're getting hits from this person, it means he or she is following a link. Which means this serial is going to launch with "recommended reading" links built in, if my theory is correct.

I'm really starting to wonder about this. I always have a hit from on my stats page. One hit, per day, regardless of whether I post anything. What's this character up to?

I'm guessing he's someone that enjoys your serials and posted recommendations on his serial for people. It could be the people he's allowing to read the serial checking out yours as well.

It was a review site originally, I recall teh author was having issues with wordpress, wouldnt surprise me if it went private on accident.