Thought for today

Don't try to put out a double-sized issue in a month AND do product testing for a new release on a compressed timeline for your day job. It can't be done.

Well, I take that back. Wildbow could probably do it. I sure can't though! :D

Thought for the day:

Life is like a roll of toilet paper. No matter how long it goes on for, you'll never have enough to deal with all the crap.

Thought for the Day:

Don't ignore your fibre intake, kids.

Thought of the day: Blurb writing is rocket science.

Thought for the day: Crime really doesn't pay.

Thought for the day: If you wait until the last minute, it only takes a minute.

Thought for the day: Who would have thought it? Things are actually easier when you don't procrastinate! :U

So far Syphax's thought is my favorite thought. +1 Syphax

Thought for the day: No matter how tempting it is, using a red pen to correct someone else's sign is still graffiti.

Thought of the day: If a 40mm grenade explodes near you, you should be happy your genitals are attached. Also, a friend helps friends when they get shot in the leg. (#thingsourcharactershavetaughtus)

Thought of the day: When "lending" money, always assume you'll never get anything back.

Thought of the day: Just keep swimming.

Thought of the day: If you have to index all your to-do lists into a to-do list list, you may be taking on too much

Thought of the day: if you're booking a meeting with the public, make sure you have all your materials done well in advance instead of now risking a heart attack brought on by stress........

Help me, Jesus.

Thought for the day: Comedy equals tragedy plus naked people.

Thought for the day: after 1941, sub-50mm guns just get your tanks killed. Think bigger.

Thought for the day: No, trying to work that into your story can lead to flashbacks and panic attacks. STOP IT! not everything is fodder for writing.


So true! Some personal life experiences are best left as that, personal. (Unless you are 110% sure you are ready.)

Thought of the day: Flashbacks do not belong in flashbacks.

Other thought: Challenge accepted Billy.

Taulsn, have totally done that by accident once. Actually, a story I'm writing for Stormy (ahh, gah! im going back to work in a minute mistress. no whip mistress! NOT THE BOWL! NOT THE BOWL!) is being partly told in flashback. Im going to have the character flashback in the flashback and then come crashing back to the present as one of the people the story is being told to says, NO BAD! No flashback in the flashback. and the other says, seriously, that's like, the shittiest way to tell a story.