Three Books Need Reviewing!

I've had three books posted on this site for a while but haven't been reviewed yet. If anyone's interested, you can take your pick between Amber Silverblood, Juryokine, and The Slayer and the Sphinx. Thanks!

I'll do Amber Silverblood, but do know it's going to be a first impressions review. I'll read the first 5-10 chapters and base a review off of that. If I read the entire thing, it's going to take me forever to write the review as often times reading a lot of text online is a little difficult for me. If I feel compelled to finish it, I will especially if I need too get the feel for the story. Also, I'm unable to give you a timetable of when I will have the review done. Know I won't take a month but I won't be some time in the next couple of days.

Edited in: Also, I'm doing this in no way wanting a review in exchange.

Thank you! That's some of my earliest writing, not to mention my first ever webserial, so it's nowhere as good as the stuff I'm writing now. Don't let that stop you from giving it a completely honest review, though!

Review posted.

Also, for some reason Ch. 10 seems to be in a different font than the rest of what I read. I know you mentioned some site problems before so I thought I would drop that here.

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it! I assume you read it on RoyalRoadL since that's where WFG links to, and if that's the case then I can explain the weird font differences: I started uploading it there before they implemented the new word... enter-y... thing, and the old one did weird things to your font whenever you copied and pasted stuff into it. That's why I stopped using it until a couple years later when they updated it.

No, I read it on your site. I followed the link in your signature. I usually try to read writer's works on their site. Royalroad while nice, plays havoc with my text-to-speak program.

Hmm, that's weird. I'll have to check that out.