Tis the Season for Shamelessly plugging your...

...Relative's/Friend's/Dog's/Acquaintance's/Idol's/The Object of your Stalking's stuff.

Shamelessly plug anything an everything that isn't yours, but is connected to you in a big way(the creator took some of your blood) or a little way (the creator took some of your money)! You too can be like the companies that want to make a solid block of sales from October to December!

In the interests of transparency, I'm just starting this an excuse to shamelessly plug my Brother's second book of his Magen Series, Heart of the South! The first Book was Of North Blood Drawn. The first book is free on smashwords and the second book is technically cheaper than peanuts! It can also be obtained on Amazon and places that I have no idea even exist! Even Physical copies are available for unreasonable prices!

The Book is sci-fi fantasy and really the content should be called house special, it has a bit of everything in it, action, romance, bacon, humour, coffee, war, and philosophical navel gazing. Clearly those are the seven elements of existence! The book has been well received by most people who have read it, despite its flaws.

I feel I must sabotage my brother a little here, the wait for the third book is likely to be a long one, but on the other hand, the more people go for it, the more I and his numbers guilt trip him into getting it done.

Since this is Christmas Eve, Merry Christmas in advance all you lovely people and internet fiends, and may the shameless plugging make some people very merry indeed.

Here's a really random plug. Does anyone like folk ballads? Old songs that tell a story? Just like the stories on this site: some are realistic, some have elves and magic, some are silly and some are tragic. Writers could definitely get inspiration from them.

Anyway, my mum sings them: http://www.rosaleengregory.ca/

Shameless plug of this artist, Sir Grimoire (http://squareenixmembers.webs.com/Grimoires_Corner.htm )

He ninja'd some beautiful art for one of my stories on me last year (http://semna20.webs.com/Beauty_and_Beast.jpg) and has since become a regular Twitter pal and occasional line-editor for my work.

I honestly was shocked to receive such a beautiful piece of work. Most of the artwork I have on my site that I don't make comes from commissions or trades with other artists I meet at conventions. I really enjoy the work these artists put out but most of it is somewhat "directed" as I provide the description and references.

What confounds me is that I had no direct interaction guiding this piece and yet it so beautifully realized the anime/animation style I wanted for this story. If there was ever an anime adaptation of my story, I'd want this guy to do the first set of designs.

Oh, and he did the designs for my chibi charms too. I love them! http://dlp2gfjvaz867.cloudfront.net/product_photos/21216436/charms_original.JPG

@SGL: Oh my, that is spectacular art. You really inspired him!

@SgL That really is a lovely bit of art.

I hope one day I can inspire people like that... well, if my sister paints anything for me that'd be nice, though her area of art is shall we say more 'traditional' http://www.thecaitgallery.org/

Anyway the quality of that picture and the fact that your writing provoked an artist into doing it got me reading your stuff SgL, so far I am quite far from regretting that choice!

Shameless plug for some not well known, but really excellent musicians who create great tracks for writing. Note: The links aren't to their official channels, but if anyone wants to support the artists, the links are usually in the video description.

Adrian von Ziegler, a countryman of mine, does beautiful epic / celtic pieces. For instance this:


BrunuhVille has his own style with a good amount of celtic inspiration, perfect for epic Fantasy.


R. Armando Morabito makes some of the most beautiful emotional epic tracks I've ever heard. He should be right up there with Two Steps from Hell.


John Dreamer inspired the first chapter I ever wrote as a test draft for Anathema. This guy should be famous. Sadly, it seems he stopped making music for the time being.


James Paget is the guy I'm going to hire or collaborate with if I ever make an ebook release trailer. Another composer who should be famous, but isn't.


@SnowyMystic : Generally I never find close friends and family doing art for me. They don't read my books either . ha! In all seriousness, I never ask family/friends to do art for me because I know most of them do art for payment and it can cause issues for me to ask for basically a freebie... at times I can get away with an art trade but that's still kind of a delicate thing to negotiate. That said -- maybe you can offer her a writing-related service for a doodle? Or just bat your sisterly eyes long enough and she might cave in ? :D

@fiona: Yeah, but now I do feel oddly guilty every time I mess with that specific pairing. I feel like I might give him a heart attack since he clearly enjoys that pair.