To Flash or Not to Flash

I found this new website called that utilizes flash. I really enjoy using it, but I was wondering would be beneficial to use this for web fiction (although it's not really made for posting the acutal story there =/, unless you do it in chunks). I've seen it used before as the interface, but when you click on the actual story it takes you to another website. I was wondering would readers find flash, well... too flashy? Or would something visually appealing and functional make them stay a little bit longer?

I find the vast majority of Flash apps on websites incredibly annoying. I have seen some good ones - and it could be a great way to do an interactive story - but generally speaking, I'd say avoid it like the plague :-D

Alright, that answers that question. I do like the flash though, but it is a little cumbersome.

I love Flash as well, and someday, when everyone is running their downloads off of computers with hundreds of terrabytes of RAM from computer chips the size of the nail of my pinky, I will abuse the hell out of the technology. Unfortunately, there are in some places still people that live off of a phone line for their Internet connection. The dinosaurs of computers aren't extinct just yet, and especially for a text-based enterprise like web fiction, it isn't necessary nor appropriate to try and push evolution.

That is true. It's hard to believe that people do still have dial-up, but it happens.

At any rate, thanks for your feed back.

I thought the flash was pretty interesting, but if its a pain in the ass to try to do the coding and whatnot, that it'll probably be annoying to potential readers too. I'll probably use it on my archive page though (once that gets set up) just because it's

Heh, I tried using Flash once. I think I gave up after a few hours of trying to figure out the interface. Had I the skill, I'd probably use quite a bit of Flash stuff, but now I just use it for the audio on my page.

Dialup-speed internet is fairly common, still - vast tracts of Australia, for example, are still on it because the distances vs number of people make broadband uneconomical without major government help. And keep in mind, more and more people are using mobile devices to access the internet these days. Typically, they're lower-speed access and smaller-screen than standard computers.

Maybe think about doing a couple of 'bonus' type things in flash? Multimedia can be fun, a lot of people really enjoy it. But if it's necessary to endure flash in order to read a story, I'm likely to hightail it outta there. Partly because my crappy cheap internet often runs at near dialup speed, partly cos I'm a 'just gimme the text so I can speed-read!' kinda gal ;-)

PS. Sorry if I sounded overly negative. I was thinking of a huge flash setup, rather than something lower-impact, if that makes sense.

Kung Fool (apparently the third iteration of it) used flash decently, kind of doing the "motion comics" that seem like all the rage these days. I'm not sure what I'd use flash for though, other than copy-protection, and I have no need for that.

I'd like to see what you do, though, if you do decide to go for flash.

@nomesque: Oh you weren't being negative at all. I didn't even know that. I don't want to alienate readers by using a technology they don't have access too. "Oh, your story would be great... if I could actually load the site and read it."

@grantcravens: That would be cool to do as a bonus. I just need to figure out how to do it, or have someone do it for me.

I'm making my profile page in flash, just because I'm bored. I figured out how to do it in the website I use for my story(not the actual story site itself), so I might as well take advantage of it.