Topwebfiction Banner

I went by an older thingy I'd noticed of how to get one submitted, but it didn't seem to work emailing that person, so I figured I'd ask here how I get a banner onto Top Web Fiction.

I think I emailed the site address that was in the forums somewhere, which Chris picks up - but it can take a while. When did you send it?

December 18th. I can see how that'd be bad timing too.

Yeah, I think it took a few weeks for me. It's all manual on Chris's part and he usually has long backlogs.

You know what's good at getting rid of backlogs? A pet woodchuck on your shoulder.

a woodchuck may be rough on the furniture though.

Sorry to necro an old thread, but I submitted my TWF banner on the 19th of july and am wondering whether I sent it to the right email adress. What's the correct one nowadays? Just in case I need to re-send.

I'm waiting myself. I sent a message with an attachment to Chris' email. He's a busy guy, so I hate to bother him, but I've been checking in every day wondering.

Same here, checking every day. If I knew how, I'd post a picture of the most adorable puppy eyes ever.

Here's the link, instead:

Sorry, guys. The messages got lost in my inbox. I'll track them down this weekend.

I sent mine to the general WFG contact email, not your personal one. I never was quite sure where to send it to.

I sent it to the personal email.

What Chrysalis just said touches on what I meant to get at with my own reply above - I'm not fussed with waiting, I get & respect that you have a real life and this is a side project, Chris, and I'm exceedingly thankful for what you do. As a suggestion, though, maybe there'd be less confusion overall if there was a note on topwebfiction itself or the submission page with contact info?

The banners are up! Thanks Chris.

That's a pretty awesome one for Pact, Wildbow. A perfect fit!

I posted the ones I could find. Sorry for the long delay, and thanks to A Guy Named Rob for the poke.

I'm often very busy, but you guys really should poke me if I say I'll do something and haven't gotten to it within a few days of when I said I would. Chances are, I need to move it higher on my list of priorities.


I feel bad for hassling you when you already do so much, Chris.


Meh. If I wasn't willing to run WFG any more, I'd give it away or shut it down. While I am running it, I need to pay it appropriate attention. Even when it's a pain.