Hi all,

We've opened a new web site for WFG listings: This site is ordered entirely by reader votes. Votes are linked to user IP, so no login is necessary to vote. At the moment, a vote has a lifetime of 7 days, so your readers will need to return to re-vote at least once a week in order to maintain your vote count.

In order to encourage your readers to vote for you, TWF allows you to include an incentive URL to the voting booth, where your reader will be redirected after successfully voting for your listing. The idea would be that you would offer (for instance) early access to the next regular installment, or to a bonus story, so some such thing, in exchange for the vote.

The top 10 spots on the listings will display a banner ad for your listing, if you supply one to us. We'll need a standard, PG-rated, non-animated banner ad (468x60). If you want in, just email your banner ad to submissions at webfictionguide dot com and mention which listing it is for.

There is a link to your voting booth on the "have your say" section of your WFG listing. If you don't have an incentive to offer, you can just copy that link directly, and put it on your website. If you do want to offer an incentive, there are two ways. First, you can append "&goto=" and the incentive URL to the end of that link. That's by far the easiest way, and should work on any website. However, it exposes your incentive URL right in the address bar.

Alternatively, you can set up a form on your web page, with method POST, and include a hidden field named "goto", for the incentive URL. If what I said is Greek to you, you want the earlier option. ;-)

Finally, the site software got written this weekend, and may still have bugs. If you find something wrong, let us know.


That looks fantastic!

Thanks. FYI, I also overhauled this weekend to match.

Ditto Lizzy!

Well done :)

Excellent work all round! HOORAY!

I increased it to the top 15 gets banners. I may increase it again. So send me your banners!

I should probably also point out that your banner will always be shown in your voting booth, so, really, send me your banners. ;-)

Hi all,

For those of you planning to send me banners, could you name it like your listing and save me a bit of work? For instance, if your listing is, and the banner's a PNG, could you name it xyz-abc-def.png when you send it to me. I can accept .jpg, .png, and .gif graphics.



Hi everyone,

FYI, I changed the vote length on TWF to 3 days from 7. The site got pretty quiet after the first three days, so we'll see if this gets more steady interest.


So, Eli tells me there has been some panic about this change. Well, get used to it -- we're aiming for a 1 day cycle, eventually. ;-) See

Here's some stuff to keep in mind:

1) Not all your readers show up on release day. Generally. So, you should be able to get new votes without having to write new incentives every cycle.

2) There's not much point having a "top" listing that doesn't change. Apart from being bad for listings, it's boring for visitors. The traffic to the site dropped off precipitously by the weekend. What's the point in having a long cycle if people stop looking?

3) It makes it fairer. There were definitely signs that some authors were using additional computers or family members to vote themselves up. With a shorter cycle, that kind of stuff will prove less maintainable, which means fairer results for all.

4) It's just a video game, folks. Relax. It doesn't actually mean you're a better writer just because you sit near the top. ;-)


"There were definitely signs that some authors were using additional computers or family members to vote themselves up."

My youngest sprog & granddaughter tried to vote for Royds & apparently failed! It really freaked them out that the big bad man at WFG was watching them LOL

@Miladysa :-)

Will be interesting to see if the reduced time reflects in the results and favours series that update more regularly than once a week. But then if I were running the thing I'd be trying out a different system every week, like some kind of MAD SCIENTIST.

It probably will. I'm still really tempted to go to daily counts, but I don't think we have the numbers, yet. :-(


Hi all,

Same pattern as last time, in terms of visitor drop-off, so I've moved it to a 1 day cycle. Hopefully, it's not too early.