Translating your fiction?

Recently, I'd followed some advice from Miladysa and set up a sitemeter account to try and monitor the traffic for my web serial and what not. It had been recommended as an alternative to Google Analytics. I've since noticed that I've had a few visits from readers in Japan (one of whom apparently lives in the gardens at the Imperial Palace), and a follower on Twitter now as well, and I had been toying for much longer with the idea of possibly posting 'Cold Ghost' in Japanese as well.

I suppose the actual question is, are there many other web authors who are having their works translated, or translating them themselves? If you spoke another language to a high level, is it something that you would ever consider? Do you think it would be a worthwhile venture to widen your reader base? Have you ever used non-English language net-working sites like mixi to promote your weblit?

In my own case, I do speak Japanese to a high level and I think on a personal level, it would mean a great academic development for me. Part of the story is set there, and a good chunk of the cast speak Japanese. I often plan Yukihiro's dialogue in Japanese in my head first.

My main concern is getting a proof-reader and editor - I've since lost my English language editor to the ravages of her exams, never mind getting a Japanese language one. Also, I feel like no matter how high my level is, if I'm submitting something important, I need a native speaker to check over it for me. I might be able to prevail on friends, but I've not really publicsed what I do with most of my old uni classmates.

If only I had the money or the contacts :)

Running with your idea I've just added Google translate to my webpage ( and Japanese is an option.

As you speak Japanese why not try it out & let me know if its capabilities are any good? If so, it might be worthwhile adding it to your own site?

On the other hand, if it's bobbins, I'll get rid of it PDQ!

According to the response from twitter google translate is -- dire!

It was worth a try.

I was going to say - at first I saw some people had been viewing my website specifically in Japanese via Google Translate. At first I thought "Yay, people who might be interested in COld Ghost in Japanese!"

Then I read it in Google Translate. I was rolling around laughing.

If anyone wants, I can try and transliterate a chapter from Google for a laugh. The grammar and vocab are a bit off - I think Google just looks up the literal word in translation and sticks it in regardless of target language's grammar.

HOWEVER - if you want to offer readers the opportunity to get a feel for the story in Japanese, Rikai might be better? It's very academic though. It won't translate the story, but it will allow them to look up any words they don't understand.

It's hard enough to translate meaning from English to Japanese as it is - letting a machine try to do it is insanity!