Trying to find an old serial

I am new please be kind if this is the wrong chat. I am trying to find a serial I started five-ish years ago.
It starts with a slime monster escaping from somewhere, I think a lab, and running into a freelance superhero. The superhero uses magic, I think. The slime turns into a human looking slime girl and stays with the superhero. The slime is voracious for energy whether heat, electrical or magical.
The owners of the lab fakes the slime’s lethality in escaping the lab saying that it is highly dangerous and sending the local superhero group to catch or kill it.
The main guy meets the some of the superhero group and helps them out. Not plot related, but the MC asks one of the superheroes for two autographs, one for him to keep and the other to sell because he is a poor college student.

Any help would be great.