Trying to find an old web fiction serial

There was also a full audio transcription of the books told by a intentionally creepy sounding narrator. Any ideas would be appreciated, its killing me not being able to remember!

Sorry man, I've got nothing. That sounds really cool though, so if you find it again can you point it out?

Sounds kinda like Al Bielek's story about being Ed Cameron.

Thanks guys! I will point it out if I see it, and that Bielek story is a fun read, thanks!!

no problem. theres a lot of good early experimental stuff that I wish was archived places that I recall. There was a great online only anthology of sci fi erotica that I recall one story from, with "zipper suits" (rave outfits made entirely of pieces of leather held together with zippers, no stitches. ) that I borrowed from for Phoenix 2125. I wish I could find that again.

there was a blog some guy did pre livejournal and myspace that was done as an email collaboration between some kid with a vampire fetish and a guy who claimed he was a vampire and could train him. turned out in the end that the kid was an elder vampire looking for a younger vampire to snack on. man that story was well done.

so much good stuff .