Tuesday Serial Guest Post

Hey, everybody, I got a guest post on Tuesday Serial. Basically, it's what I learned from doing my first year of web serial writing. I hope you guys enjoy. Once I get some stats, I'll tell you about whether or not it helped boost my views.


Congrats on the guest post! I think a lot of authors come in writing with high expectations. It's hard not to when you read about so many success stories and a lot of your favorite authors are super famous. Sometimes you just start thinking that it's the norm and expect the same for your own stuff. Sometimes you just need that reality check, and then you just move on and keep going because that's all you can do.

Yeah. That kind of got to me if I'm honest. Its weird. On one hand, I'm still struggling to meet my own expectations. On the other, I'm doing better than I ever expected. Weird, right?

Congrats on the interview!

On a related note... H.M. Ward (who self-published and sold millions of books) recently wrote about a similar subject. Here's the thread: http://www.kboards.com/index.php/topic,231153.0.html

@t4nky: It is weird. I'm pretty much in the same boat.

Tuesday Serial looks interesting, but I never got the vibe that many people visited their website. I'd be curious to hear if you got much feedback on that article, T4nky. (Like, if you got any messages or if anyone came to your website saying, "I read your article on Tuesday Serial.")

If nothing else, the site is valuable because it's one of very few places where there are essays on serial-writing.

I saw the article on the 'Tuesday Serial' site before the mention here, but that probably speaks more to how much time I spend on Twitter, and my inclination towards guest posts (kind of like what Billy just said regarding value). Congrats on approaching them and suggesting it, t4nky! I would not have considered that.

In terms of the article's content, maybe I'm weird in that I didn't go into this serial thing with high expectations at all. Maybe because I know a friend who shopped their book around, having it rejected a bunch of times, and she finally posted it in serial form to her website. And when I archive dived, I was one of the few making comments. So "being ignored by the outside world" felt more like the norm to me. I did think my shares would increase over time; not so much. Though it's probably a good idea to write down your expectations at first, since they can subtly change without you noticing!

@Chrysalis: Interesting article. That whole "confined social circles" thing rings true for me; it's a particular problem if very few in your social circles are interested in writing, or reading your stuff. Making money on this has never been something I've expected though. I do wonder if I keep shooting myself in the foot, not waiting long enough -- since after a year or so of writing something and getting less than 10 comments and minimal shares, I have a tendency to try something different. Could be that momentum thing t4nky refers to, though it's not so much a lack of interest (I always return to finish what I start), it's more an attempt to spread my net to catch more people... and maybe that merely loses me the ones I have.

By the way, if anyone's curious, Wordpress views do seem to filter out spam as hits... or at least, on a day with 0 views, I had a new comment in my spam queue. I'm not sure how that could have appeared otherwise.

I'd say it's better to grow an audience over time than it is to have a sudden spike in readers early on. That puts a lot of pressure on you, and if you're just starting out it can be a killer. At least if you spend a year - or years - putting out content with only a gradual increase in readership, you can get into the flow of things without worrying too much about any mistakes you might make.

Congrats on the guest post! It's always interesting to hear another writer's take on things.

My favorite takeaway from the link Chrysalis posted: "Keep getting up." Valid for writing and life alike, am I right?

Hey T4nky, I'm curious to hear. How'd this work out for you stats-wise? Did you get any feedback about the article itself?