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I absolutely love TV Tropes. Having my work on TV Tropes is a goal in itself, it's one of the signs I've made it as a writer (that and fanfiction based on my work are my two biggest, third being making some money) and I really want a TV Trope page. Like, really, really, really.

I've just learned I can join, set up my own page for Sanctioned and boom (feels like cheating though).

But... I really suck at identifying tropes in my own work. Any advice in how to do that (or anyone read my work and want to point some out)? My work's fairly young still, the tropes are maybe not there yet.

I'd feel cheeky putting up a TvTropes page for my own work. Dragon Wars does have one but I don't think either Haventon or Whisper does. Tales certainly doesn't because it's too new.

I might see about asking if my readers will do it at some point.

It does feel a bit cheeky, but I know other people here did it.

It's definitely cheeky. I did it anyway. It's beet a good trickle of readers for me. :) The problem is figuring out how to get people to add to it independently, but I think that just comes with time.

Someone else did it for Pay Me, Bug! but I did it for Curveball. I don't know how cheeky it is, since they specifically allow it.

You know, I'm not a 100% on where everyone is from yet, but as me and Shutsumon are British and (I suspect that) Tartra and Ubersoft (could be)/are American, it could just be that Americans are a lot more comfortable with self promotion.

I may have gotten everyone's nationality wrong, apologies if I did, wasn't meaning offense, was just interested in if this was the case or not.

Someone set one up for my old stuff, circa 2011. I found it a little uncomfortable and left it alone, although that might have more to do with my general dislike of TV Tropes than anything.

@ChrysKelly - Calling me American is like the only thing that CAN offend me as a Canadian. :(

Oh, I'm really sorry. I was fairly certain you were across the water from me, but I do apologise.

You can call me English if you want to :)

Was I not supposed to call you English? :S Is that bad?

I'm an American but I'm not sure I'd describe myself as comfortable with self-promotion... Setting up a page doesn't actually promote your work, it just sets up a page that people can contribute to, if that's what they want to do.

@ubersoft - Weeeeeell... I wouldn't say it isn't self-promotion, either. It's just a very passive form of it. I think I'm getting the most notice from my contributions to actual trope pages and the backlinks there to my serial's main page than from the serial's main page itself. My story's ability to participate in so many places (well, not that many yet) is what gets people saying, "Hey, I keep seeing this story's name on all the tropes that interest me. Maybe I should check it out!"

From personal experience, that's how I found the Order of the Stick.

As an American, can confirm, still feels cheeky to self-promote. And I know what Tartra means, because part of how I've gotten into a story or two is due to seeing it all over the place. Was just thinking about that the other day with Joker Blogs.

@Tartra I think @ChrysKelly is Scottish. I'm English (Though actually currently in Scotland until I get the train home tomorrow).

Well, maybe Americans aren't better at self-promoting. They seem (crass generalization) to be louder than Brits (though you get loud Brits and quiet Americans, of course. Probably).

Yup, Scottish.

Ooh, you been somewhere nice, Shutsumon? Were you up for the start of the festival? (I think it started this weekend, no idea, I'm working like 70 hour weeks just now).

@Shutsumon - Ohhh! Okay, that makes more sense. And that would explain why he offered to let me call him English, too: Canadian's to American like Scottish is to English. :P So is British to the Scots and English (and people from Wales, I guess) what North American is to Canada and America? Or if I lump everyone in that giant, general area, am I better off saying the UK? This has been on my mind for ages, and everyone keeps saying something different!

@PG - You're actually my idea of an expert on self-promotion through just talking to other people. I hear all the time that one of the best ways is to just get involved with a community and go, but from what I've picked up over the time I've been in here, a good percentage of your reader base reads your serial purely because of how much they liked you in other serials' comment sections (mainly Worm, I think). So, you know, as that expert, who is so professional that he would absolutely never let that title go to his head, were you ever talking about your serial in the comments, or did you just leave a link in your signature or something and let people click if they happened to?

Early on in my serial's history, found that a reader had put up a short TV Tropes page and gotten details wrong. I corrected the error and linked to the TV Tropes page so all my readers could be aware of it.

I wasn't comfortable with starting one, but I'm perfectly comfortable publicizing other people's efforts.

@ChrysKelly I was visiting a good friend in Livingston. We've been all over (Lead Mining Museum, Edinburgh, Caern o' Mohr winery, Linlithgow etc). :-)

Next time I'm up we should meet up ... or perhaps we should have a UK Webfiction meet up some time. There's quite a few of us so that might be cool.

@Tartra I had to read that twice. :P

Yes, Canadian to American like Scotland to England.

I'm happy being called British, the only time it ever gets annoying is when the BBC start calling people British (if Andy Murray, a Scottish tennis player, loses, he's Scottish - if he wins, he's British). But other than that, British is fine. Britain is Scotland, England and Wales (essentially the mainland, and some islands) but United Kingdom is Britain PLUS Northern Ireland - so you probably shouldn't call NI people British.

@Jim yeah, I think that's how I feel. I'd tweet it, link it on my blog, etc, but starting it? Maybe in another month I'll feel different.

I think, because it is a goal of mine, doing it myself would take away from that a bit. Maybe.

@Shutsumon sounds like you had a fun time. I'm over in Falkirk, so you weren't that far from me anyway. Are there a lot of us here?

@ChrysKelly - Ah-HA! I knew someone hated 'British' extra hard, and I thought it was Ireland, but I needed someone to spell it out for me.

And I don't think in a month - as far as starting the page goes - you'd feel that different, at least in terms of having a page and getting the word out about it. Suppose someone made a page for you right now. My guess is, if you're a bit shy about starting it yourself, you'll still be shy about linking/tweeting/mentioning it. The external validation of having someone make it for you is a great confidence booster, but that can only stretch so far, you know? Especially if you're looking for growth. You have to eventually bite the bullet (and trust me, it feels exactly as awkward and self-aggrandizing as you think it does, but the good news is you know exactly what to expect and brace yourself for).