TVTropes pages for webfiction

I don't know if anyone's tried to compile a list. I have noticed, however, that a few of the webfic things I've read have TV Tropes pages, and they're fun to go through.

I'm pleased that there's one for One of Pay Me, Bug!:

Here's one for Worm:

The Legion of Nothing:

Dragomir's Diary:

Tales of MU:

MCA Hogarth has a slew of them...

Spots the Space Marine:

Flight of the Godkin Griffin:


Those are the ones I found with a quick search.

I have to say TV tropes has been the biggest apparent supplier of fans to Worm. Maybe it's just the way Worm is written -I myself am an avid troper, I'm aware of most of the ins and outs & have played with some tropes in my story & I take in a wealth of info on stuff from every textual genre from comics to anime to novels or visual novels- but it seems to appeal to the same group that peruses TV tropes.

It may well be that WFG has given me the most readers in the long run, but TV tropes has supplied the most readers who comment and then go on to spread the word further (with cumulative effects), ergo my stress on the word 'fans'. My readership didn't really start growing strong until after the TV tropes thing took off.

If any of you don't have a TV tropes page for your work, I'd seriously consider investing the time to plant that seed - in the sense of growth, I found it very valuable. The only issue is finding the time & getting your head around the most relevant tropes so people can find their way to your story's page.

I thought you weren't allowed to create your own Tropes page. The Pay Me, Bug! page was written by an enthusiastic fan.

... I'm probably thinking of Wikipedia policy, though. TVTropes is very non-Wikipedia policy-wise (i.e., "there is no such thing as notability," etc.)

Even though I'm hooked on tvtropes (seriously, they even have a trope page for being hooked on tvtropes!), I doubt they'd allow my web serial to have a page or entry. I noticed that their pages for a couple of animes that share similar elements to my serial were completely deleted and removed from the site, along with all references to them. Shame, I could have done with the publicity.

Yeah, if I remember correctly they had some kind of mass purge where they started taking down a lot of pages that they deemed "inappropriate." I don't know the specifics though.

I remember researching before going ahead and making the page - I think it's allowed for TV tropes, but all I really did was put down the basic skeleton of the page, add some tropes and then point my readers to it.

See There's No Such Thing as Notability; any work can have a page, so long as there's no pornographic elements in it and it's published (publishing on the web counts).