You all may get sick of me soon, I am full of questions. I have seen mention of tvtropes a few times so I visited the site and took a look Wildbow's Twig trope. This seems like a really good way to get readers who have interest in the topics your writing covers. My question is when should I create a trope for my web serial? Is there a such thing as "too soon" to create one? Thank You in advance for the responses. This web page and its members have been a giant help to me.

TVtropes relies on your readers to add content for you. You can set it up with a bunch of tropes, but the rest is up to the community. I wouldn't bother unless you have a really large audience or someone asks about a TVtropes page. I've had nearly 200'000 views on my web serial, but only person ever contributed to my TVtropes page.

I've had some luck getting people to contribute by offering bonus chapters when certain goals are reached, and by putting up a guide on how to do everything. That said, TvTropes is a lot of work and you probably won't see too much traffic from it unless you get many hundreds of well written tropes on your page that are back linked.

I'd recommend setting up a simple TvTropes page, linking it to your site and back, adding a few tropes, and then simply indexing it in the relevant areas, such as webfiction. You'll get a few visitors from that anyway and it won't take too long.

I'd say you want at least a dozen tropes, for the reason Chrysalis said - ideally you want it to be community driven, not yet another place where you have to update stuff. I can't even guarantee that a dozen tropes will be enough for it to gain any sort of perpetual motion. I've started two TV Tropes pages. One for "Being Erica" (the Canadian time travel TV series) back in 2009, which caught on fire, and one for "X, Why?" a math webcomic, in 2014, which I don't think has gained much traction. (Which is a pity, it's been going since 2007 and is quite good; the author thanked me, at least.)

Okay, technically I've started three pages. I started one for my "Taylor's Polynomials" series in 2012 or so, because I was feeling like maybe it would draw me some viewers, but I only put in 3 tropes, I wasn't even sure how to classify it, it got me nothing, and now I don't know whether I should look it up and try to fix it or start something new or what. Actually, I guess I've moved on to consciously trying to forget. Oh well, live and learn.

Gotta say, TV Tropes has been really good to me. All time # of referrers by site:

Really depends on the story you write, though.

I think if you're not sure that other people would add to your trope page, then you should wait.

That number is probably highly skewed by people going there and then coming back. Also, your page has well over a thousand tropes. That's not something anyone here is ever likely to get.

I've lost so much time over the years there - it makes the gravity of a black hole look like a genteel invitation to visit in comparison. But I have discovered so much stuff I'd never heard of before through perusal of it.

If I ever have a tvtropes page made up, I think I will know that I've made it, or at least have at least one obsessive fan.

I struggle with this topic. I can sort of see the value, but I personally don't visit TVtropes at all.

Fixing my crappy Patreon page is much higher on my priority list right now.

The amount of skills we have to learn to be fully fledged, webserial writers seems to never end. lol /cry