Tweaking the Layout on Firebird Fiction

I've been tweaking the layout on Firebird Fiction. Mostly I've just been making it wider, but I also finally hacked the theme for nesting comments.

What do people think? Any more ideas how I could improve it?

Also does anyone know how to wigitise a footer?



Here's a pretty straightforward tutorial on how to widgetize footers.

I haven't used this myself. I only tweaked my footer to include ads and that was about it.

As far as your site goes, it's looking pretty good. Simple formatting regarding the navigation links, but it serves its purpose. You might consider making your chapter navigation links stand out more, either by increasing their size or making them bold, though that isn't really necessary. Your comments are neat and easy to read. Personally I'd have a divider between the actual story and comments, but that's just me.

Thanks :-)

I think a divider might be a good idea. I'll think about it.

I've tweaked it a little more by adding a gradiated background image. tell me what you think?

I'd like to do the divider thing eikasia mentioned, but I can't work out how to code it into the theme (I don't want to have to do it manually every installment)


Shutsumon: You forgot to set your background color (you should be able to do it in CSS) so on larger screens you get this.

Thanks, I had no idea that would happen with large screens.

Anyway, rather than messing around changing the background colours (which gave me some problems with the appearance of the footer last weekend) I've inverted the gradiant so it shades towards white at the bottom. It should blend at the bottom now.

If it still looks weird, tell me.