Tweet Spamming

Wanted to get y'all's thoughts on this...

I'm very familiar with the concept of using Twitter to advertise/promote what you're working on. Most of the people who follow me on Twitter (@ubersoft) do so because of my webcomic. A few others have started following because of Pay Me, Bug! There's a little crossover between the two as well... but pretty much everyone who follows me knows what the account is FOR.

But I don't tweet 500 times a day, and it's not me me me me all the time. I'll talk about random things, I'll comment on trends in the computer industry (that's what my webcomic focuses on, after all) and I'll tweet about random, obscure things on occasion... as well as mention when I update a comic, post a chapter, etc.

Lately I've been getting a few new followers as a result of the web fiction thing. For the most part it's been great, but there are one or two people who have followed me based purely, I believe, on random searches for key words. And I've followed them back, after a little research -- finding out hey, they're also writers. But these guys (so far, the offenders have only been men, but I don't believe this is a gender-exclusive thing) take the twitter thing a little far.

Every hour, on the hour, they hawk a book they're selling on Kindle. The tweet is usually "name of book" "short link" "eight billion hashtags that have something to do with the book". And that's pretty much ALL they do with their account.

I understand wanting to get your audience involved, but I find this rude and intrusive. If I were to do that, I would fully expect the people who follow me to unfollow me IMMEDIATELY.

So I'm asking... am I out of line here? I'm about to unfollow these guys because I just can't stand it any more. I honestly don't mind people tweeting about the stuff they're selling, or working on, or anything like that. But... I feel like they're going way too far and it's bordering on obnoxious.

Not naming names because I don't think there's any MALICE in it (but it's nobody who posts here).

Anyway, wonder what you all think.

That's pretty much why I don't read my Twitter account anymore. So much bloody spam. Facebook seems to be a much better medium for anything social, at least in my opinion.



I only use facebook to post pictures of my daughter for my family. I have it locked down too hard, privacy-wise, to make it an effective marketing tool.

I completely agree. I don't want to follow someone just to hear about there stuff. I'm glad to hear about it from them, but especially if its just Name of X and Link to X then I am not interested. That's what RSS feeds are for.

Not only are you not out of line here, every marketing expert that isn't daft would tell you that what they're doing is a great way to drive customers away. Marketing blogs are full of advice about using twitter and other social networking sites and every single one of them says the same thing: don't spam your merchandise. The way you succeed is by being the "voice" of your brand, and you can't do that if all you do is post links to stuff to buy.

I don't use my personal Facebook account for marketing. I do use a Facebook page for that. That way, all a person gets out of it is story updates and discussion. I view it as marketing in that it's on their list of likes and a reminder that a new post is up.

As for what the people you're following on Twitter are doing... That's nuts. I unsubscribe from people like that. I tend to figure that the point of Twitter is meeting new people--not being jabbered at about their stuff (only). I'm okay with a little bit of that sort of thing. Not a lot.

I unfollow people who do that. *G* No obligation on me to follow back, and if it's a marketing spam journal anyway, the odds are a million to 1 they won't even care/notice. I use my twitter for a combo of promo and catching up with people, so I don't want a feed cluttered up with promo.