Tweeters -- Twitter chat

Well, I know others have tried this before and so this may not become a regular thing.... but after chatting with some our web writers on twitter (Kessbird, shutsumon, ubersoft, sennalily, and zoetewey)thought we would gauge/poll interest in trying a twitter chat in the near future. (I will be polling in Goodreads and possibly Wattppad.)

We have a few logistical things to first mull through and that is exactly when. One option is to hold a weekend tweetchat that allows AU/NZ, US/Canada, and the UK to be on at the same time(s). Or if interest is high, we might try to organize two such tweetchats. (For those of you who have never seen a tweetchat in action, my suggestion today or tomorrow is to look at tonight's #indiechat. )

To help make some decisions, if you are interested in participating please respond in this thread (or poke me on twitter @whirlyshirly) with the following info:

Your twitter handle

Your timezone in GMT (or I will go bonkers since I live in a place that does stupid time changes)

Also add any topics that you'd be interested in discussing.

(Psst: You can also poke @shutsumon too if she is more conveniently online when you are. I'd volunteer @ubersoft too, but it's his birthday so I won't :p)

I'd be up for this if it's at a UK friendly time (I am currently on GMT+1 British Summer Time) when scheduling allows. Am away at a lot of weekend weddings and such at the moment due to the dangers of aging, so may not be reliable in early stages.

I'm interested! (Which you already knew, but I thought I'd say anyway.) GMT +10, weekends are fine for me. :)

I'm going to try for a weekend and think through some options that will allow some overlap for GMT+0/+1 folks like Nick and Becka.

This weekend I'll try to get a doodle poll or some other scheduling thing set up and sent to the folks I have on the "interested list" thus far. As far as the actual chat date, I'll push it back a bit later in the month.

Nick - never figured this out, but do Jukepop folks have any central communication channel? Or is everyone on twitter, in which case, I should just poke the JP account when the time/date is set?

There's no central Jukepop forum or anything, no (well, unless they're been hiding it from me). You'd need to either poke individual people on Twitter or see if the main JP account will do it.

I talked to the owner of Jukepop (Jerry), and he is thinking about starting a forum. I think they're just rolling out one feature at a time.

Hey guys - I believe I have to email invite folks to answer the Doodle Poll. Most of you I have been able to locate an email address (from your twitter or fic profile) so please let me know if you have NOT received an email from querying your calendars.

Shirl gets stuff done ;)

I put up an announcement on the blog the Online Novel Blog, but since not all of you want to click out, I'll just restate it here.


July 28, 4PM UTC

July 28, 12Noon EST

I'll hang out for 2 hours at that time (and hopefully the others we tried to poll can make at least 1). It's hella early for PST, so hoping we can catch them for a little while before the UK/Europe folks go off to eat.


We will try a weeknight chat. Actually TWO.

1) TEAM Europe+friends: Kira volunteered to coordinate. I'll leave it up to her how she prefers to canvass /determine the best date and times. This might be good for EU/UK and the afternoon writing crowd in US/CA. Not sure if this one is better for our AU/NZ friends or not.

2) Team North America+friends: I will work on a poll starting next week to examine what weeknight might work. It will not be Tuesday night because the ideal chat window time of 9pm-10pm is spoken for by #indiechat.

I guess we'll see how these two experiments go and then reevaluate what we're doing.

Couple of things I would love to find out:

1) What other writing chats do we need to watch out for? I see #sffchat sometimes on Wed/Thursdays but have to investigate further.

2) If any of you are willing to be backup for Kira or I... let me know. Ideal backup would be

* Twitter savvy (you must @ me or DM me on Twitter as a start to prove your TWITTER-FU )

* You must understand hashtags and be willing to gently remind people to use it. (If people don't use it, then we won't be able to transcript their responses later. Also it doesn't help us achieve a public awareness that the chat is occurring.)

* Available with some consistency on weeknights. We can discuss further whether we have compatible schedules.

3) Where to promote?

Just a reminder that this is later today and we'll be using #serialchat .

In case I end up in twitter jail , I'll move from using @whirlyshirly to @fairytwister. :)

Sorry I missed this. :( Looks like it finished just as I was getting out of bed for work. Hopefully I'll be able to pile in next time!

I have a transcript up at so you can see what you missed. (I call it a first draft as I'd like to read it again in a day or two to make sure things make sense in context as I did organize the threads a bit for easier read-back.)

Kira and I will go with a weeknight option in August. She'll convene one in an EU friendly timeframe where you all talk GMTs

and I"ll stick with a 9pm slot somewhere. (I don't know night yet but it will likely be the last week and half of August.)

Kess - Do you know whether you'd do better with a EU or US night schedule?

Depends on exactly what sort of time you're looking at, but I'm going to guess US. Assuming you're looking at an evening slot, it works out roughly as follows:

7pm EST (New York) -> 9am Brisbane, Australia

7pm London, UK -> 4am Brisbane, Australia

9am is doable, work-permitting. I'll join in as much as I can. :)

For a US one it would be 9pm EST/6pm PST... so that roughly still translates into morning for you ;_;

(I'd try for 10pm EST if the east coasters would humor me, that might allow you to join us during lunch and not get in trouble?)

Ah, don't worry about it. I'm all over online when I'm at work; the only real barrier is if I'm in a meeting. I'm usually bouncing between the 'net and work anyway, and I can shuffle my lunchtime if I don't have anything else I need to be doing at that time.

9pm EST works for me. Thursdays are my most meeting-free days (usually), so can I vote for Wednesday evenings, US-time?