TWF Banners

As I recently offered my first vote incentive on TGaB, I've been checking fairly regularly to see how I'm doing. The other day I pulled it up at work and discovered, to my amazement, that most of the top listings have banner art. No such art ever appeared when I browsed the site at home, and still didn't after I came back to check. Not until I was footling about on TvTropes tonight did I discover what makes the difference: to load the version of TWF which has banners, you have to put a period after .com in the URL.

I have no idea what kind of sense that makes.

Anyhow, I'm late to the party as I didn't realize TWF banners were a thing, so... How do I get one? I can make my own art pretty easily, but how and to whom do I submit it? I didn't find any relevant links on TWF itself, but it does say it's offered as a service of WFG. Anybody know?

Ha, I'd been wondering why you didn't have a banner, lol.

I don't know how you see the non-banner version - you shouldn't need the period....

A lot of people ask about the banners. Here's a link to the original banner instructions post

There is no version of TWF without the banner images. If they aren't loading in certain locations, perhaps you have an overly-aggressive ad-blocker running? And can you post exactly what URL you used to get the images to load? I'm curious....

If your browser has the ability, you might also want to check if you've told it to block images from -- if you did, adding a dot to the end of the domain would make the browser think it is a different site and so not apply the rule.

Well, that was it! I'm running Firefox with AdBlock Plus. I just told it to disable that on and boom! Banners.

Technology remains mysterious to me. Thanks for the tips, anyway! I'll be emailing a banner to the address listed as soon as I whip one up, next day or two most likely.

Unlike DD, my art skills are.. rudimentary. But I've gone looking for that info before and couldn't find it. I appreciate you re-posting it. Thank you Fiona.

I look forward to seeing your banners with many votes beside them :-)

i personally only block pop ups and pop unders, for A. this very reason, and B. because views are a big part of the money people running sites I go to make.