Twitter chat

I've been looking, and there isn't a Twitter chat for web serials. I'm starting one. It will run on Sunday evenings from 7pm EST until 9pm Est and the hashtag will be #WebFictionChat - if you don't know what a Twitter chat is, it can be hard to explain because it is nebulous.

Essentially everyone mentions that hashtag in every tweet, and we have a two hour conversation. Most chats form around questions, so if you want to suggest possible topics or questions, that would be great.

I'm going to start it from this week, but I expect it to take a while before it builds up any traction. A few weeks or months at least.

That sounds like a good idea! It might be a good way for writers and readers to interact more. (I wonder if 'WebFicChat' would be shorter, given the character count? Or something with Serial in the tag, like 'SerialsChat'?) If you're not much into Twitter, platforms like "TweetDeck" or "Hootsuite" are good for following hashtags.

As to topics, probably some of the things that pop up on these forums could work... length of individual parts, frequency of publishing, arc size, size of buffer, feelings about cliffhangers. I'll try to remember to drop in, it's kind of a hellish month for me.

We already have an IRC chat! I don't know how many of us use Twitter. It's a neat idea, though.

I loathe Twitter. I have a Twitter account for my writing, but I don't use it much.

Twitter is consistently my biggest referral site, every month! (Excepting the most recent March and April, when Maddirose's review was up on this site... WFG beat it out 18-16.) I haven't used IRC in so long that I don't think I've installed it on my current computer, but I used to do RPGs there all the time. When is that chat?

The IRC chat is all the time, whenever a handful of people stir from their afk slumber. :)

I wish I had more time to chat.

Where can I find the IRC channel?

@mathtans it seems like I'm always hearing that someone gets great referrals from something I don't use. It never ends... :(

I'm still playing with whether I should make a TVtropes page or not.

If this becomes a thing, I'd love to participate. The Webcomic chats always seem fun to jump into. Something similar for Webfiction folks would be nice.

IRC chat:

@Blaise: My tongue was slightly in my cheek there. I wouldn't say 16 hits in a month is "great referrals", it's simply better than anything else I get. Also, I'd say 99% of the tweets I get the referrals from are my own (which do get a couple RTs)... almost no one talks about me anywhere, except me talking about myself on Twitter and Facebook. In case that makes you feel better. :)

We did a Twitter chat regularly a few years ago. Wish I remembered the hashtag. It would be good to resurrect it or at least reference it a few times in case someone set their Twitter client to look for it.

This topic got more replies faster than anything else I've posted. Kinda impressive.

@Math to follow a Twitter chat, a program like TweetChat is probably best. I considered serials, but I worried that only people who knew what a serial was already would understand. I similarly rejected Fic in favour of fiction because I wanted to be obvious about what it is about. Thank you for the topic suggestions, those are great.

@OtherChrys I need to drop by the IRC. The difference between these is that (I think) the IRC is just for us. There are serial writers at Royal Road, JukePop, Wordpress, Tuesday Serial, here, and probably other places. Sure, some people cross post everyth0ng - but here is an easy way for all those writers AND ALL THEIR READERS to interact and learn more about each other.

@Blaise is there any particular reason why? I used to loathe Twitter too, until I understood it better, and now I love Twitter. Also, before I came here I never realised people make their own TV Trope pages - it's been an ambition of mine to be on there for years.

@kaleidofish I'd love to see you there

@Jim maybe someone else will recall it, hopefully

I've done some looking, and it seems likely that people used #weblit but I'm not sure.

I remember there being a big debate over whether people should use "weblit" or "webfic", with one side saying that "weblit" was too pretentious (since it refered to literature), and others thinking "webfic" would put people off because they might associate it with fanfic.

So, basically, the age-old literature-verses-genre argument XD

@ChrysKelly I hate Twitter because it's like fire. It can be used as a tool for positive things, but based on a mistake or chance, it can blow up, get wildly out of control, and cause incredible amounts of destruction.

Social witch hunts most often take place on Twitter. I am not a fan of any medium where something said in error, or a typo could potentially end one's career if it gets shared and starts trending.

@Blaise it's certainly a consideration. Tbf though, I've never seen a witch hunt over a typo. Everyone I've seen has been deserved, but I've only really looked in certain specific areas.

And anything said anywhere can then be cross posted anywhere else, too.

But I respect your opinion.