Twitter Fiction

So, I was doing the garbage, and I thought, "Hey, I've never seen anybody set up a fictional twitter that told a story." I've seen where people give vignettes on Twitter, but never something like a Twitter account specificall for telling one person's story, like on Youtube.

So, I know that this is a bit random, but is this a good idea? Cause it might be fun.

It has been done a few times. THe last time I caught a promoted effort was back when Plympton was around making a lot of fuss over doing serial fiction. (They're pretty quiet these days except for whenever their connections want to resurrect their name in association with the "newly revived serial" form.)

I would search #twitterfiction on twitter. (It still is being used.) There are probably other links out there and a few blogs talking about some of the frustrations associated with following a story on twitter. You might also look at the #flashfiction hashtag on Twitter as I think that also is pretty much the same thing.

Also-- there is a RP component to twitter too which is also a form of narrative storytelling. I don't know how these guys find each other though and organize their roleplay. I've just seen others doing it...

If you do go this route, I'd recommend setting up a new account and also making use of to help pull some of your posts together later (as a transcript). Have fun and post what accounts you'll be using should you try it out.

Already started. It's a horror-mystery. @annasmystery is the account name. is the link.

It'd be tough. Limited characters. Also, why twitter? Is it an ARG-style thing, or just because?

Just because. At one point, I was gonna try blog fic, but I wrote one entry and realized that I was putting too much into each entry, and it read badly. With Twitter, the limited characters actually works for me, because I have to say exactly what I mean in a very short message, which does two things: 1. Since details aren't going to be possible, characterization will be easier, since it will be the only thing giving the story life, and let's face it, that's the biggest problem with my writing, and 2. It makes me focus completely on plot, whether that is subplots of the main plot, which means that the more tweets there are, the thicker the plot.

twook and twitbook were the hashtags several years back for it. Also, people have recently rediscovered doing the same with facebook as a "new thing". Further back, livejournal was chock full of it, including multiple accounts interactint to tell the story.