Twitter Promotions

Most of you probably know that I'm running a twitter account (@onlinefiction) for promotion of free, online fiction... but in case you don't, or you haven't been sure how to get listed, or you've asked to be listed and I've missed it (this has happened a bit, and I keep apologising... but again, I'm sorry if this has happened to anyone).

There's an explanation of eligibility requirements on the blog - basically, anything can be submitted, as long as it's easy enough for readers to navigate and you don't mind me linking to it how I like (I have had a couple of whines about directly linking to PDFs).

If you'd like your site included, the best way to submit is via DM on twitter itself - a link + a bit of blurb on the site/story/serial.

Check your e-mail. :)

I don't have Twitter yet.

I love Twitter, especially as a promotional tool. I've followed you BTW, username IsaKft :) So you know I'm not some random spammer XD XD XD I already like what you Tweet!

Yeah, I finally broke down and got a Twitter. Yay!

Woohoo! Found you. Already following you. Gotta love autofollow ;-)

Thanks for the follow! I'm following you too. Man, you post a LOT.

Yup, I do. Auto-tweeting apps are a lifesaver! Although I'm still trying to work out a balance between 'too much' and 'too little'.

Yeah, Twitter is great for spreading the word (no pun intended). I'll add you to my friends list.

Twitter is excellent for promoting online fiction. I would be interested in how others are using it and what ways seem to be most effective. My efforts can be seen vis the hashtag #scr4 and stats for individual urls can be seen by copying the url and + into the your browser. This works for me using Chrome.

One interesting question is whether these stats are accurate. I doubt it as my Wordpress stats are much lower. When I made one query about this I was told that there are lots of spiders out there. I am not sure what that meant even with Wordpress stats I think Twitter promotion is effective.

I don't know if spiders crawl Twitter updates... but if they are public, I don't see why not. (That said, I can't remember Twitter updates turning up in Google searches... but maybe that's just because of my crappy memory. ;))

Personally I use Twitter to promote my web serial by publishing in character up-dates (except for retweets and @comments that are mostly ooc). You can get an idea here:

It's nothing crazy, just a few up-dates to supplement the on-going story, when I can afford it in terms of continuity.

In character updates -- super ideal

Twitter updates are indeed noted by Google

Cheers, S

Yes, you're right. I've checked and they indeed show up. :)

And another Twitter account for another web series of mine (vampire-related this time): :)

I will be the same as @MadilonOnline: in character, except for @replies and RTs. And bloodier, of course!

I'm @meilinmiranda. Every Thursday night at 8 pm PT (currently -7 GMT, soon to go back to -8 GMT), I'm part of a twitter chat called #dnchat for WebLit writers. It's loosely built around the community.

I'm @irkdesu. I talk about writing and life and how it's creepy to have @charnanigans sitting three feet from me. We've started up character tweets too, with a few accounts for that sort of thing. Character tweets go along vaguely with the plotline that's running at the time (if there's a bonus story running that's set in the past, they'll tweet according to that setting). Not all of them are very serious, but we do fit a surprising amount of characterization in, and the characters interact with other serials' characters. They also talk to readers and answer reader questions. It's a lot of fun to do in-between bigger projects, if you can deal with the illogical ooc premise of fantasy other-world characters weilding blackberries and iphones. (Our in-character premise is that the Peacock King, mad scientist genius that he is, invented them.)

All character twitter accounts are listed here: