Two Kickstarters from Serial writers

Sharon Rose:

(This is pretty funny... I have never seen anyone do a promo video like this before!)


(was a serial, from what I was told but moved into the webcomic sphere)

Ambitious goals. Good luck to them.

I so wanted to hand Sharon a bottle of conditioning spray.

Thanks for the heads-up! I like backing our fellow serial authors. :)

Ooo, awesome! I'm too poor to support them at the moment, but I have tweeted the links out to my network. Let me know if there's any other way I can help.

If you guys want, I'm happy to do an interview/guest post on my writing blog to promote the campaigns.

Good luck. Hope you smash your targets!

Wow, thanks, guys! Spreading the word is great; don't feel bad for not having monies. I'm poor, too, so I totally understand!

Fiona, I appreciate the thought! But in truth, I was totally hamming it up. My hair is really easy to comb through; I made it look hard for the comedic and illustrative effect. ^_^

I'm going to keep telling people about my fundraiser (and najela's), so any extra mentions you can make are appreciated!

Wow, thank you so much. I finally remembered my webfictionguide user name and password, so I'll definitely try to be more active here.

I can help spread the word as well.

Just a slight correction, Beyond Beauty wasn't a serial, but I used to be a serial writer a long time ago. I do hope to jump back into the ring. =)

@sharonTrose. Have you heard of this site?, it seems like another way of getting the word around.

I miss the good old days of the Renaissance, where rich italian families would fight for the right to support artists.

I figured I'd toss mine in here too, now that it's running! If you missed Earthrise, you can get a copy (and back the e-book/print editions) here:

Maggie, where will you be selling the print edition from, when it's ready?

You'll be able to order it from anywhere that sells books: Amazon, B&N, independents, libraries, etc.

Excellent, good luck, M.C.A.! Have sent the link out into the wilds of Twitter and FB; hopefully you'll smash your target even more thoroughly than you have already. :)

Thanks, Kess!