Udpate Rates

Well, I just wondered, how you update your novel? Is it daily, a few time per week, weekly or monthly? Why?

Weekly, Monday updates to my 'main' serial (I try to have one primary serial that I'm focusing on - atm it's Deadish), and another story each Friday. The Friday story gets dropped if I'm too busy or if I've run out of material, but I try to always have the main updates out on time.

Once a week, on Mondays. Tuesdays for "commentary," which can be anything from ramblings about the story to talk back to commenters. As for why? For 7 Days, I wanted to give myself time to explore each section on its own, and each section so very often fits into a 500 - 2000 or so word range that I could afford to drop one or two at a time and talk about it.

I update everyday as one single post is just about 600 words long and they are like anime episodes. However, there will be breaks between each book as I need to have some drafts ready for posting.

Kat and Mouse updates every Monday.

The weekly schedule allows me more than enough time to write, edit, revise, and queue up future episodes. As it stands, I'm queued up all the way to the end of September with episode 5 and episode 6 should be done by early/mid-July and ready to queue up.

I've been publishing my "core" story to a small group of first-readers twice a week for a year now. I prefer to keep a ten-episode buffer on that schedule, though it fluctuates wildly. A typical episode is 400-600 words.

I'll maintain that schedule when Midnight Cross makes its public debut, plus a bonus of some sort (media article, character/group profile, one-shot vignette) once a week.

Big goal is building up enough content for a Premium section. I'd love to get two episodes a week there, but I'd settle for one if I had to. I won't launch that until I know what kind of schedule I can maintain, though.


I update every Monday (coincidentally, I just finished this week's XD), anywhere around 2,000 to 5,000 words, depending on chapter length. If there are a couple of shorter chapters next to each other, I'll have a "Double Chapter Week".

I try to maintain a pace of ~2,000 words a day. Time also gets eaten up by illustrating: it can be anywhere from 30 minutes to 10 hours per image, so my days can get pretty jammed up D:

I update with a ~800-word chapter three times a week. This forces me to keep writing every day.

Originally I updated twice a week on Tuesday/Friday. Currently I'm updating Wednesday/Saturday. I started out writing 600-800 word updates. Currently I'm doing 800-1000 word updates that occasionally stretch to 1400.

It's not a progression I recommend. I sometimes think I ought to split it into three 600 word updates if I'm going write that much.

I post on my blogfic once a day, averaging about 775 words per post at the moment. I used to post more often, but I have finally managed to get it down to one a day. On the flip side, my posts are getting longer. Hmmm.

I hit my 200th post recently, and made a happyfun post about it with my latest stats:


Honestly, it's a bit much. I haven't missed a day in almost six months (whoo!), but it's a lot to keep up with. I posted about that on my writing blog not long ago, with some links to handy guides and info that I found on this subject:


Definitely going to pick a less intense schedule for the next one I do, but that won't start until the current one is finished. Otherwise, I might just die. ;)

In the meantime, I'm plugging on, writing every day and posting like a loon. :)

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Cor blimey, Kess - you're nuts.

I mean that in a good way, of course ;-)

Kess: Definitely going to pick a less intense schedule for the next one I do, but that won't start until the current one is finished. Otherwise, I might just die. ;)

Yeah, that's why I'm sticking to the one post a week thing, until I can figure out what I'm capable of. At the rate Project 2 is going for me, one post a week is going to put the story at 2+ years. I'm afraid I can't hold people's attention for that long.

I started out weekly, but now it's monthly because I've gotten so busy during the week and it's easier for me to write as much as possible and post 5-10 chapters at a time. This is the first time I tried to do it on a monthly basis so... I hope it goes all right.

I update weekly!

Uh, okay, I haven't actually done an update since... last month?

I am writing three separate stories, though, so things tend to get a little out of hand at times.

I shoot for updating once a week, every Friday. I can't say I have a set goal for length, really. I guess I shoot for atleast 1000 words, but I tend to prefer quality over length.

Props Kess! I sometimes find it hard to meet my schedule as it is. ;_;

nomesque - yes, yes I am nuts. But in a good way! (I hope.) ;)

Keeping up with my schedule has been a real struggle lately, but I'm getting back on top of it now, I think. I have an hour's train commute each way every day that I use to write, and that's the main reason I have managed to get posts done regularly.

I definitely advise building up a buffer, though. I had one when I started out and that was a big weight off. I had more chance to edit and polish posts before they went up. Sadly, I used the buffer up when I got sick (but it did its job!), and I'm still working on building it up again.

For now, I can keep my update rates as I draft my web fiction everyday and for the current book I'm 75% done while only 15% has been posted up. I wonder if anyone of you do drafts that much.

Murazrai: I wonder if anyone of you do drafts that much.

I'm a little anxious about my second project, which I should have out at the end of this month, because I'm so used to drafting the story over and over again. With Project 2, I'll likely get three drafts in before I post, and I'm not sure how I feel about that. A lot can change in a draft.

I'd like to have a working buffer of 5 to 10 weeks, which means time to draft and rewrite, but still. It's a new process to me.

Murazrai: I generally post my first draft - as long as it's readable and makes sense.

Everything I write goes through at least 3 drafts, 5 if I can manage it, spread out over several months to a year. I mean, at present I'm first/second drafting the stuff that won't be released until February/March, while I go over each chapter in the week before its release. When I get time, I go over the stuff that's a little bit ahead.