Umbra: The Horror Reboot

I just began a complete rewrite of Umbra: The Horror. Any suggestions on doing something like this?

*laughs maniacally*


It will likely be the best and worst thing you've ever done, that's the best way I have of summing it up.

Go into it with a strong understanding of what you are comfortable changing, and what you aren't.

I started on my rewrite in 2012 - the first book went smoothly. The second book...I got 60k into what I thought was a shiny new rewrite, but I ended up dumping it (I'll be able to save most of it for Book #3) as I had taken it in a different direction to the original #2, but realised that I, in fact, wanted to the #2 storyline, just updated.

It is an amazing experience, as you get to fix all your early mistakes - you get to line characterisation up, and drop hints about what's going to happen in the future. You can excise dead subplots and scenes that you no longer care for.

It's rewarding, but it's work. Good luck. :)