Umbrella Man: Intimidating?

I'm trying to give one of my villains a subtle but distinctive look. Something that doesn't really stand out in a crowd but identifies him to anyone who knows what they're looking for, you know? He wears a black business suit and always carries a black umbrella that he holds really low so that you can't see his face. Kind of like this: He's a mastermind and a manipulator, so the heroes will often see him standing in the background while his lackeys do the fighting, and vanishes before anyone can chase after him. What do you think?

You may want to go with another look for this villain. Sounds too much like The Penguin.

Ehh, think more... "Slender Man" in terms of how he looks. Slenderbrella Man.

he's not wearing a suit in that pic

I know. That's the only pic I could find with the umbrella being held over someone's head the way I was imagining.

I like the feel of the idea. The Penguin doesn't have a trademark on umbrellas. ;-)

I like it