Under Darkening Skies

Hello, folks.

I recently launched my webserial, Under Darkening Skies (https://underdarkeningskies.wordpress.com/about/) and it seemed prudent to make a little noise here. I'm terribly sorry if this is inappropriate, but I understand it is expected to make people aware of these things or they'll languish unread.

I imagine it's rather rough to read; I've been paranoid about spending too much time on descriptions or exposition. Getting feedback has been a nightmare, you understand. Even so, I hope people might enjoy it. I'd offer the elevator pitch, but if I was good at condensing these things I'd likely never write them in full.

Oh, and in the event Wildbow sees this; thank you for Worm - it inspired me to get back to work, and is the standard to which I hold any work of superhero fiction these days.