Universal Warrior Uprising (First Incentive)

Hey, I notice I get a pretty fair number of hits out of here, so, following the advice of a lot of experienced writers, I thought I'd try posting here.

I release the story every Monday. If you'd like to catch up, I wrote this just for you.

http://lifeasiplayit. wordpress. com/2009/03/09/previously1/

The story continues with Chapter 12...


I'm also proud to offer my first incentive...


Anyway, I'm just trying something new. Thanks for reading!

-Avery K. Tingle

Author, Universal Warrior Book One: Uprising

Hi Avery! I keep meaning to write a "the story so far..." but I'm usually too busy writing the story! :)

Hello MeiLin! I'm proud to say that the idea to begin incentives was something I got from you! I started getting up earlier and going to bed later in order to do a "Previously On" in case new readers wanted to catch up. It only took about an hour.